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Author: Regan
Date: Feb 17, 2005
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South Africa (SA) is well known as an amazing holiday destination, where you can experience wild life (land, air and sea) plus breathtaking landscapes: mountains, deserts, beaches, rivers, waterfalls, forests and everything in between are all here.

Little more then a decade after the demise of the old sleazy politics SA was famous for, it is now a joyous place of strong contrasts. South Africans are for the most part easy going, but you may come across some more conservative older minds, so busting a pipe on a beach in full view of some fat uncle and his family ain’t the best idea. The trance lovers of SA are on the other hand very dedicated to the ‘doof doof’ sounds and are straight forward, down to earth, relaxed people who really love partying and enjoying life to the fullest (full dance floor mayhem with lots of smiles).

Large gaps between the wealthy and poor play a big role in the country’s character and general socio-economic climate, and thus (like anywhere these days) there exists the problem of crime. This can be easily avoided by using the little space between your ears and avoiding obvious situations such as: leaving valuables on the back seat of a parked car, wandering around dodgy looking areas, letting some stranger help you ‘work out’ the electronic bank teller, etc. Best thing to do is ask a fellow trancey type the do’s and don’ts once you get here. SA has one of the highest rates of HIV infections in the world, so….think before you sink. (but that goes for the rest of the world too)
The most frequent question I am asked when travelling in other countries is ‘so how is it between the whites and the blacks in SA now ??’ (not my own words) - The answer I always give is ‘fine!’
There are still pockets of close-minded idiots but the chance of it affecting your trip in any way is highly unlikely, whatever race you are. The people of SA are generally focussed on working and moving forward together while putting the past behind them.
A clear indication of South Africa’s attractive character is that every visitor I have spoken to has either wanted to return very soon or is now living here!

After close on 10 years of psy-trance parties SA is already a Mecca for global trancers. Not surprisingly have travellers from all corners of the map been repeatedly tranceing with the SA crowd. Thanks to our love of the outdoors and of a good party, coupled with some highly professional party promoters, stunning venues and great weather have all helped to ensure that this land is a party paradise. Most trancers know about SA 2000/the ‘Millennium Festival’ and the Eclipse Festival in 2002, both major milestones that exposed SA to global party peoples, but SA’s trance history goes further back then that…back to the mid 90’s with visitors Etnica, the Flying Rhino’s, Return to the Source, Joti, Dino, Tsuyoshi, Goa Gil, Green Nuns, etc (basically a good helping of all ‘the’ right people to help get things going). Recently the SA scene has opened up on many levels with some fine new record labels and artists making waves internationally, such as: Timecode, Microdot, Psystation, Afrogalactic, Mushroom Mafia and NANO Records. All the labels do parties of their own but the biggest crowds belong to Vortex, Alien Safari, Earthdance (hosted by NANO) and Trancegression (in winter). Other top party crews, each with their own take on creating comfy psychedelic spaces that consistently impress party lovers are Lunartech, Groovy Troopers, Psynapse, Psychosis, Freerange, MaL, and Crystal Visions. Cape Town is the hub of Trance activity but up north (Johannesburg/Pretoria) there is a very healthy underground scene, similarly along the east coast’s aptly named ‘Garden Route’, a few hours drive from Cape Town. The best time to come is for the outdoor summer season (Nov-Easter), which peaks from new years till late Feb. Throughout Jan there are many 3&4 day parties sandwiched in-between the larger new years ‘Prism’ and, the newly established, ‘Origin’ Festivals both featuring big line-ups and awesome productions. When arriving hunt down a copy of local BPM magazine, which has all the party listings and info you’ll need. If you arrive in Cape Town head for the top of Long St, you’ll be sure to bump into some trancers eager to help and just as weird as you!!

Date: Feb 17, 2005
Text: Regan
Photos: Regan, Shonah
Taken from: The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2004


Doc Sonic informs

Many of the party consumerables you might enjoy are easy enough to find and at nicer prices then most european countries. Smoke is easy to find, since it grows really well here, and most people wont hassle you about it, as long as you keep to yourself.
You can't toke openly in public (but there are some bars and nightclubs that will turn a blind eye), and if you are caught with any class A's you WILL get into problems, and the last place you want to be is in a south african prison cell! Random police searches are not common, so no need to be paranoid, just careful.





Regan is one of South Africa’s most respected DJ’s, Producer’s, Promoter’s and a co-owner of NANO Records.
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