Ultravoice - Interview

Author: Juggler
Date: Feb 13, 2005
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Ultravoice – Interview

1 – Name/Age?

2 – Where Are You From?

3 - How long are you in trance scene?
7 years djing and 2 years making music.

4- In your project “Ultravoice” what have been the most important musical influences on your music’s and sounds?
It’s the morning sound and has feel melody and it’s full on music and it’s for the dance floor.

5 – What equipment do you use to produce your music?
Sound Card Gina .monitor.-Alasis.Cubais.Virus c .ms 2000.nord .u a d card plugins

6 - Free text about your project?
My project is music to spoke not only about trance people, have nice melody and full power for dance, the name of this style is full on, its morning music.

7 - Tell me about your favourite projects in trance scene at the moment?
Infected mushroom, Space Cat, Simon Posford.

8 - How you see the trance parties’ scene in Israel and in the rest of the world?
In Israel its like 12 years parties so its not new its normal and in the world have many place where its new and the scene its kilerrr full power and respect for the djs and the artists.

9 – What do you think about the mp3 trade by internet?
In 1 world shittttttttttttttttttt and it’s not help for us to continue the scene.

10 - Your sense of life?
Have fun and make all what u want today, because u doesn’t know what will be tomorrow.

11- Have you any special gig very soon?
Mexico, Brazil, Swiss, Germany, Russia and Israel.

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