Psynema @ VuuV Festival 2009

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jul 27, 2009
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VuuV is well known for its top-notch presentation. This year a brand new audio-visual concept by Psynema will turn the mainfloor into a entirely new psychedelic experience

A "very special audio-visual show" is announced for upcoming VuuV festival - What can we expect?

Psynema: You can expect something you have never seen before!

Visuals are common at festivals and parties. What is new, what special about this project?

Psynema: We make visuals for over 20 years and some years ago we started a project called Psynema that fuses the visuals directly with the music. After seeing the same things over and over again we tried to think about something that nobody has done before. Every show is individually prepared and a message is transmitted thru audio-visual samples… More recently on top of visuals and music, we started to include performances into the choreography and could show the result in some of the biggest trance festivals like Boom and XXXperience. For the Vuuv Festival we converted this project into a full night show and a story will be told from dusk till dawn. For the first time we are creating a choreography of music, visuals, performance, fireworks, laser and light. Since 2 months we are preparing this giant that involves more than 20 people.

Please describe how you are working: gear workflow etc.!

Psynema: Wow, that’s a long list and is changing all the time. In Vuuv we will work with 3 CDJs, 2 audio mixers, 2 DVJs, 3 video mixers, 3 computers, 3 digital video players, live video and controlled pyro effects. We have 4 musicians, 3 VJs, 12 performers, pyro specialists, 1 laser crew and 1 light crew all training for this night.

Any visual visions left after this concept?

Psynema: Oh yes! Definitely! The next step will be a whole audio-visual multimedia performance event where you step into a wonderland that you only imagine in your most psychedelic dreams.

So I am looking forward for this show - Thanks a lot for the interview!

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