(val)Liam - Daydreamer (Celestial Dragon)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jul 10, 2009
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Actually this is one of those CDs whose cover already perfectly represent the music it contains. And so it would actually be enough to accossiate with the beautiful artwork to get an impression of the new (val)Liam album.


1. Gaia 7:54
2. Happy Accidents 10:03
3. Freefall 7:02
4. Earth 5:23
5. Somewhere Not Here 5:26
6. Lotus Dancing 6:54
7. The Mystic 9:13
8. Solace 7:57
9. In Samsara 6:10
10. Daydreamer 7:12   



Starting off with some spaced out sound layers, delayed sound effects and a playful melody line, the first track becomes more and more lively until some decent beats finally deliver some more energy. The journey continues with a wonderful melancholic piano track, again provided with a subtle beat structure. As mentioned, the cover artwork is perfectly suitable for the music: Very meditative, very blissful and positive. The first 3 tracks of the CD contain some rhythmic elements to provide one's body beside the mind, the others are definitely aiming the head and are very suitable for opium-flavoured chill outs, inner space flights or intimate situations. Carefully: When listening to this music on one's headphone while driving a vehicle, one might be sued because of being intoxicated in public traffic ;)

Nice sounds for special moments- may the beautiful artwork with the meditating being and the caleidoscopic patterns be an inspiration for you which situation is probably perfect for this music...!


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