NDSA - Papercut (Attitude Recordings)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jul 4, 2009
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Sweden and Canada again prove to be top-notch in up-to-date electronic dance music!


 01 - NDSA- Papercut

 02 - NDSA - Papercut (FM Radio God Remix)







Still remember Ticon? The two Progressive masters from Sweden have been away for a while concerning new releases but now they are back with their clubby project New Disco Science Alliance which has been very futuristic and straight forward already quite some years back. Papercut kicks off with a rather minimal but still very forcing groove. After few minutes the track gains a proper portion of friskyness and humor. Up-to-date techno sounds mix up with typical Ticon chords and create a bouncing dancefloor cocktail. Positive and sunny atmosphere, perfectly appropriate for the recent outdoor season! But also the remix by FM Radio Gods kicks ass pretty much: This interpretation comes with even more minimal-related beats and sounds and a massive portion of bleeps. Still it creates a very deep and hypnotic atmosphere with its astonishing basses and its tricky rhythm arrangements. Aiming the head more then the original this one is best to be heard at high volume with few lights around... Two thumbs up for Attitude from Canada!


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