Principles Of Flight - Chaos Opera (Timecode Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jun 16, 2009
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From all the incoming promos on my desk this one especially drew my attention. It was the cover: A childlike brother and sister, dressed in archaic clothes is escaping from something, their faces frightened. The backside of the CD reveals what the reason: Some fierce, wolf-like ghosts arising like fog and a mummified looking boy. Weird… I really like the painting style in which it was created and I like the intense atmosphere it creates even more. Let’s have a listen if the music on this CD keeps what the first impression promised!

01. Principles Of Flight - Into The Land Of Black And White
02. Principles Of Flight - Chaos Opera
03. Principles Of Flight Feat. Talpa - The Queen Of The Deead (feat. Talpa)
04. Principles Of Flight - Eleanor's Theme
05. Principles Of Flight - Cerberus
06. Principles Of Flight - Charon The Ferryman
07. Principles Of Flight - The Tavern, The Rebels And The Secret Oath
08. Principles Of Flight - A Gruesome Plan
09. Principles Of Flight - The Black Mass
10. Principles Of Flight - Edward To The Rescue
11. Principles Of Flight - The Chase
12. Principles Of Flight - A Colourful End


Chaos Opera starts with some massive classical instrumentals, a very dramatic entry into this new album by Principles Of Flight. Right from this intro the production quality is simply blasting, massive pressure combined with a remarkable brilliance. When the beats hit in after some minutes I am surprised: It’s a pretty technoid beat, very fast and very tight! Bedded on this crunchy, straight beat, weird soundscapes evolve that totally equal the dismal cover artwork of the CD. The album presents one closed journey, the tracks are connected with each other but still playable separated each. Some of the tracks are bridged by short sound collages that include elements of orchestral music again, creating a very “cinematic” impression. If you take a look at the booklet you can even read a story that evolves with the different tracks! The sounds are very independent, I don’t have the impression to listen to the usual recent preset sounds, like I unfortunately do more and more often when listening to new releases. Once again I have to mention that I both love the very reduced, hard and technoid beat structure and also the large musical moment in this release!  Beside high energy Psychedelic dance floor bombs for the dark hours Chaos Opera features a really funny Drum’N’Bass-styled track at the end.
Chaos Opera is not only recommendable because of its unusual, refreshing and pretty unique production. It is also a real collector’s item because of its sophisticated artwork and the lovingly designed booklet which includes a written story according to the different tracks. Highly recommendable release!

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