Jackus & Santucci - Kyrillia (Moovment Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Apr 17, 2009
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When reading the artist names of this release, the one or the other may be reminded somebody... And in fact: Massimo Santucci is back! Those who are listening to Trance music since some more years will remember this dude very well from his cutting-edge Progressive productions like his album "Al Dente" from 2002 or also the project Prototype which delivered quite some frisky dancefloor anthems.


 A: Jackus & Santucci : Kyrillia

 B: Jackus & Santucci : Kyrillia(Moovment Records)






In fact Massimo has never really been away from the electronic music scene- he just evolved. And while some years back only few people from the Trance scene were interested in clubby and technoid sounds, nowadays it seems like everybody, no matter from which corner of Psy Trance, is dealing with Techno influences and minimal arrangements. And so Massimo becomes interesting again for up-to-date Progressive Trance DJs - We've come full circle!

So lets have a listen whats going on on this release. The original comes with a very solid kickdrum and very powerfull bassline which delivers heaps of pressure and makes your hips instantly wanna move. Other then many recent Minimal and Techno productions this track has proper pressure in its lower sections also when listened to at low volume! Noise cascades and extensive high hat entries do the rest. In the middle a really wicked acid sound kicks in- is this a real 303!? All together an abslutely driving and terrific track that will work dancefloors very well.

The flipside delivers a remix by Tom Pooks which is not minor kicking but focusses a little more an some pretty psychotropic playing around with a synth lead sound and is unfortunately missing that acid line. Nevertheless also a solid peaktime burner!

Thumbs up for this release! I am looking forward for some more stuff from Mr. Santucci!

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