Author: Roberdo
Date: Apr 9, 2009
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11 short questions for the well known Israeli producer.

Which band posters did you have in your room as a teenager?

Eitan : Pink Floyd.

What was the first electronic record you possessed?

Eitan : Depech Mode , Psy Trance – Prana.

First experience with producing music (which gear, when)?

Eitan : When I was 13… Impulse Tracker (DOS!) , this software was used by many artists at that time such as Shidapo and others.

What was the biggest compliment for you as a musician?

Eitan : That someone came to me and told me I saved his life …that everyday he starts with listening to my music and that’s help him. Also to be able to be recognized as international artist in international level.

What was the best party you played at?

Eitan : Indoor: Avalon Club, Hollywood L.A – Open Air: S.O.S Festivals 2006/7/8

What was the worst fuck up you experienced as a musician?

Eitan : Sometimes u'r up and sometimes u'r down… u must accept it as a musician. And its never perfect… so take what u get and be happy

While I was playing it was when I just started and I played with cd ( I didn’t had money to buy lap top) and through all my set it just kept skipping ! I bought my 1st lap top right after that gig.

Last record you bought?

Eitan : Cosma… still buying it in every shop I see it still available .

Which instruments do you play?

Eitan : Piano & Drums… wish I could play the guitar well though.

Favorite drink?

Eitan : Winter will be hot Mint Tea! , summer Cold Beer!

Favorite production gear resp. software?

Eitan : Roland V Synth version 2.0!!! bought it few months ago in japan and its just the top of the technology .

With who did you have your last phonecall?

Eitan : Air France .

Any hobbies left beside music?

Eitan : Well, My Entire life is around music… if its not producing then its meeting's, if its not meetings then its paper work and more… I live , eat&breath music. So I don’t mind do all this paper work and still consider it as a hobby…

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