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Author: Roberdo
Date: Mar 19, 2009
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Rhodes aka Rémi Hodez was born in 1975 in Nancy, a city in the East of France ; he now lives in Auray, French Brittany. Itza Community is the name of his minimal and psychedelic graphic project using vector-based drawing techniques.

What inspires you for your work?

After observing that some of the Maya sculptures and reliefs were somehow expressing a similar vibe to contemporary psychedelic creations, I went through a thorough research about "primitive" arts in general, and more specifically Precolombian art (Olmec, Maya, Zapotec, Toltec, Aztec...civilizations) in which my work finds its roots. In addition, I am very fond of psychedelic graphic design and amongst the numerous artists I admire, two in particular have had a significant influence on my work, that is Rick Griffin for the 70's, and NOS, the UV backdrop designer.

What feelings and emotions do you want to express with your pictures?

In all my drawings you can find the notions of gate, door and guardian. My creatures are to be understood as different appearances for the same polymorphous entity, guardian of the access to other truths, other perceptions. Their aspects may inspire the observer all kind of feelings, some provoke laughter, other fear, all the emotions you can encounter during a journey.
I wish to make each one of my drawings a meditation device, whose contemplation can bring to stimulation of awareness and liberation of energies. Symetry is the tantric representation of duality : The base of our universe.

What's your background? When did you start doing this, what did you do before?

I came across electronic music some fifteen years ago in Eastern France, but it is in Paris -where I lived for 11 years- that I took part in my first Trance parties around 1997-'98 (TBE, GAIA). I was working as a graphic designer specialised in packaging, until one day I felt the need to start another life in Brittany, away from pollution and unreasonable growth.

My first psychedelic works date back to 2004, a series of mandalas achieved during an unforgettable night. Since then, every time I party I try to spare a few hours for drawing.

What technology do you use?

I exclusively use Adobe Illustrator, vector-based drawing techniques gives me a genuine creative flexibility.

How do you create an image? What is your typical approach?

During our private parties, usually around early morning, just before sunrise, bathed in progressive, I settle down at my computer and always start with a black page.

Thanks a lot for the interview!

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