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Date: Feb 18, 2009
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Manchester, a city made infamous by its rave scene, its football, its quirky Northern cynicism and unsurprisingly its moisture levels has spurned yet another reason to be proud.

In the past three yrs a rare seed has been germinating in the underground scene. Creating a vibrant and chaotic world where art, circus and the subconscious merge; a social network of musicians, performers, sculptures, plotters and schemers have worked tirelessly to push the boundaries of performance and music into new realms. Constantly experimenting with innovative production and performance techniques each chapter of the story has exploded onto the stage more breath taking than the last. These fearless few, by the name of IllumiNaughty, are redefining the club experience as we know it. A crew of “glowing mischievous” artistes, individuals and free thinkers united in a quest to seek out the surreal and the sublime. They’ve dedicated blood, sweat and tears to this never ending pursuit of the ultimate party. Their manifesto is one of creativity and consciousness, total love and absolute chaos... 

IllumiNaughty is rooted in the Full On strain of Trance music with a glichier Electro or heavier guitar edge. DJ’s are flown in from locations as diverse as South Africa, Israel, Portugal and Greece, all hand-picked and recognised internationally as the best in their field. In addition to these globally renowned names local talent is showcased, mixing the best in home grown and International talent. Residents Dejavoo (Transient Records) plan to launch their much anticipated second album at Pangaea (Europe’s largest student festival in Manchester Student Union incl. Open doors in all 3 Academies). But the music is only the half of it...

Reinventing the variety show theatrics with its own contemporary twist; comedy sketches, audience interaction, information stalls and live art are key elements to the IllumiNaughty experience. Organisers plunge audiences from start to finish in a sense-deranging flurry whilst optical and audio treats keep eyes wide and imaginations alive. Visuals, installation style decor, walk-about performers and the ‘Naughty crowd itself reflect the skill, colour and courageousness at the core of the community. Behind the doors of the Ritz’s funhouse lurk pesky Goblins, fire tamers, laser shows, Hula Hoopist’s, tribal dancers, stilt walkers and a whole host of curiosities waiting to amaze. Attendees are as varied in age as they are in lifestyles; IllumiNaughty proudly being one of the few regional club nights unifying all groupies (ravers, hippies, student, scallies, fruitcakes and scene Queens all gather here). It’s an open minded and uplifting retreat from the norm; a space where spirits can surge and differences merge.  

 Stepping through the doors of the legendary Ritz ballroom (an old theatre and new found spiritual home of the Goblins) an IllumiNaughty party is like slipping into another world. Spectators should expect the unexpected and with each party tailored around a different theme may not recognise the venue from visit to visit!  With balcony seating and birds eye views for those less spritely members or springed “bouncy dance floor” for the itched footed masses, the labyrinth like proportions of the Ritz make it the perfect site for absolute mayhem to run riot on very special nights a year.


On March 06’ IllumiNaughty will stir up the next state of surreality at its “Experimental 3rd Birthday” bash. Pioneers of the Electro/Psy cross over Krome Angels will playing live and Dj’s sets, alongside Dino Psaras, Shanti, Deedrah, Dejavoo and Paradice promising to leave crowds breathless, blistered and beaming.

IllumiNaughty has evolved into a Digital Theatre where Imagination Rules Supreme.

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