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Abakus in interview & in the mix!

Author: Roberdo
Date: Dec 23, 2008
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Chaishop Music News Classic presents fresh releases of Psychedelic, Progressive and Chillout Trance. This show is moderated by Roberdo.

It features an interview with Abakus (Modus Records - UK).

After the show we have a dj set of Abakus.

Play the music review show:

[Album/Compilation: Release Title - Artist - Track (Label)
Album: We Share The Same Dreams - Abakus - Understated (Modus)
Album: Lungs Of Life - Vibrasphere - Ensueno (Tribal Vision)
Album: The Wild Life - Symphonix - Miles To Go (Blue Tunes)
Album: Checkpoint - Nasser - Green Lines (Iono Music)
Compilation: Synthetic Chronicles - Even11 & Blue Planet Corporation - City Slickers (Neurobiotics)
Interview: Abakus
Album: We Share The Same Dreams - Abakus - Deun Deu (Modus)
Album: Tour De Trance - Atmos - Into The Groove (Spiral Trax)
Compilation: Synthetic Chronicles - Antix - Little Honey [Silicon Sound Remix] (Neurobiotics)

Play the DJ set by Abakus (Modus Records - UK):

01.Roland Klinkenberg - On My Mind [Autophase Remix] (Global Underground Digital)
02.Hamelin - Minimetal [feat. Chemical Surf] (Sounds Of Earth)
03.Paul Ritch - Walk The Line (Quartz)
04.Joel Mull - Hollaland [Orig Mix] (Jericho)
05.The Quasar - Planetarium (Foundation)
06.Timo Garcia - The Hang Drum Track [Angel Anx Remix] (Berwick Street)
07.Stardiver - Another Moment Of Silence (Kompakt Extra)
08.Silver City - Victoria Jam (Deep Freeze)
09.David Mariscal - Beeper (Freak N Chic)
10.Roland Klinkenberg - Mexico Can Wait (Global Underground)
11.Elke Kleijn - On The Edge (Boom Tsjak)
12.Michael Cassette - Zeppelin (Anujnabeats)
13.Coxswain & Uru Haberli - La Matin (Unrl.)
14.Shonky - Far Away (Crosstown Rebels)
15.Ito & Ran Shani - Aviation (Cr 2)

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