Magic mushrooms prohibition in Netherlands

Author: Roberdo
Date: Nov 25, 2008
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Mushrooms might become illegal in the Netherlands from December 1st - A corresponding law has already passed. A dutch smart shop owner fights against the prohibition together with a group of activists.

More then one year ago discusions about the complete prohobition of magic mushrooms rekindled in the Netherlands. Since 1994 it was able to buy mushrooms in many different forms totally legal in this country. But again and again there had been controversials about legal drugs and especially mushrooms, which finally led to the prohibition of dried mushrooms. The smart shop owners reacted by selling only fresh mushrooms,  which again has been totally legal. Until now: A law has passed which will prohibit all forms of magic mushroom in the Netherlands from December 1st. The government argues that the consumption of magic mushrooms recently has lead to some dangerous situations: A 17 year old girl jumped from a roof in Amsterdam, some British tourist rampaged in a hotel lobby, a German dude went for a walk in the pedestrian precinct totally naked and a Danish man drove around on a campsite with his car and harmed the sleeping people in their tents (source: Süddeutsche Zeitung).

Jasper, owner of the popular online smart shop mush-e-mart is existentially threatened by this law because he earns his money with selling mushrooms via the internet. Together with other smart shop owners and drug policy activists he fights against the new law which will illegalize mushrooms and with them their entire jobs and last but not least our all right for intoxication. Today there was an important trial, the final proclamation of sentence will be on Friday morning. The following text is taken from a newsletter Jasper send around.


 This specific court case is a "kortgeding". It can be seen as a blitz attempt to block the new law. ( Our lawyer is excellent. We will present a 40 page scientific document. It will be backed by a 400 page scientific document. All scientists in the world that we interviewed have declared that the mushroom is not dangerous. The ministry will have no solid arguments to support their actions. The judge will need to have a lot of willpower to stop the ministry, though. It does not happen very often.

Hereby we summarize the main reasons that mushrooms cannot be banned:

The ministry has a duty to do research if they want to ban a substance. They did not do research according to scientific standards. They rejected good research ( ).

- There have been technical errors in the legal procedure. These errors are against the constitution.

- The list of 186 mushrooms that should be banned was written by amateurs. It was copypasted from Wikipedia and some quick Google searches.

- Many land owners will be criminals because these mushrooms grow everywhere.

- The UnitedNations (INCB) declare mushrooms legal. A country has the right to ban the mushroom. But it should come with good arguments.

- All the mushroom incidents have not been backed by research. Incidents have only happend in combination with other drugs (such as alcohol and mdma). There have been no pure mushroom incidents. There is no proof that mushrooms are dangerous to public health. On the contrary. There are scientific researches that conclude that mushrooms are medicines against obsessive compulsive behaviour, cluster headaches and depression.


- The government did not take the legal rights of the mushroom industry into consideration. We made investments. They shut down our market within non reasonable time. If they do not give us respect we demand compensation.

Of course the Christians want the Bible to have the monopoly on visions. We dont believe in Fairy Tales anymore.


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