Mushrooms in the Netherlands

Author: Mush-e-Mart
Date: Jan 27, 2009
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New information about the fight against the prohibition | 2 mushroom movies coming up!


January the 13th the Dutch National Smartshop Association ( went to court to demand an emergency appeal against the ban on shrooms. On January the 18th the court agreed that our case is important and will speed up our appeal. There's a chance that within 2 months shrooms will be legal again! Distinctive is that the thesises of the State are not supported by a single scientist, while all consulted experts agree with the VLOS. The wafer-thin position of the State is also proven from this. The judge in our previous courtcase (22 november 2008) established that no causative connection between the ‘incidents’ and the usage of magic mushrooms is proven. This is an important establishment because if no low threshold for the Minister is valid, he will have wuite a heavy burden of proof to prove the danger of the magic mushrooms for the public health. January the 27th the state attorneys need to hand in their arguments. We are looking forward to their last straws. Probably +/- a week later the courtcase takes place.



Last week the Dutch media were full of stories about how the Minister of Health has lied about the mushroom incidents, on which he based his ban. He knew that the incidents he used over and over as examples of why mushrooms are dangerous were not scientifically backed. Some parliament members of the Green Party, Socialists and Liberal Democrats spitfired the Christian minister: "Are you willing to admit that 3 times you did not tell the truth about the mushroom incidents, even thought the Municipal medical and health service and the CAM mushroom research raport denied this? Are you willing to take back your words and undo the ban on shrooms? Which other shroom incidents do you refer to?". The minister will have a very hard time to defend his standpoint. Especially because our courtcase is very strong.


CDA Christian party member Joldersma, who found out about the Truffles and the Growkits, is now angry (at the new law her own Christian minister wrote in november) and demands a total ban on ALL things that produce hallucinogenic effects.  Last november, Joldersma voted ‘Yes’ to this new law, but now she seems to disagree with it. It was hilarious to see her making a fool out of her own party member, but without her realizing she was implying it. She and her CDA will have a hard time implementing a stricter law, now that their position in court and lower chamber are so weak.



In one week a new website will go live where you can follow all the news on the mushroom case in detail. That website will be a campaign not only to inform, but also to get the whole world involved. There will be many ways to support us, anyone can help. We will newsflash you when the website is finished. It may well be that the Mushroom Association and the Dutch State will go to appeal a few times, so the quest wont end soon. Therefor we aim to have an international network of Mushy's Little Helpers.

Mush-e-Mart itself will have a new website too. We estimate that will take +/- 1 month. (poster on the left): It's a budget horror B-movie. These are the brain images of our lawmakers who have never tried shrooms. Would you take advice about driving a car from someone who doesnt have a licence? Maybe drinking a few beers would help! (poster on the right): KNOW YOUR MUSHROOMS follows uber myco visionaries Gary Lincoff and Larry Evans (two of the more expert and unforgettably mercurial characters in the community) as they lead us on a hunt for the wild mushroom and the deeper cultural experiences attached to the mysterious fungi. See the videoclip on their site for a personal story on magic mushrooms. 
- Our Philosopher Stones / Magic Truffles / Sclerotia are legal. They are a great substitute for 'normal' Magic Mushrooms.
- We sell Magic Mushroom Growkits as well (mycelium pre-grown, ready to fruit).

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