Abakus - We share the same dreams

Author: Roberdo
Date: Nov 23, 2008
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A pretty hard mission for the new Abakus album: It has to measure with „That much closer to the sun“, the first album, which set very high Chill Out standards. Lets take a closer listen!

01 we share the same dreams
02 sliding sh
03 daybreak
04 angel dust
05 understated
06 culture is not your friend
07 excession
08 deun deu
09 the only life we’ve known
10 lost in the woods
11 crystal vision
12 opal fountain
13 how does it feel to be real.


The album starts with a short spheric pad intro. Then the second track delivers a big surprise: A continuous beat and pretty straight percussion make it quite danceable. Yes, I can imagine this sound pretty well on an after hour, that moments when your head wants to relax a little but your feet still want to keep moving... My impression is confirmed by the next track: Definitely dance music! The tracks have a very warm atmosphere, a very positive and also relaxed mood. But powerful basslines and considerable percussion elements animate to move your limbs. All together a very trancy mood evolves, as I already mentioned perfect sound for later party hours or a sunny meadow during a shiny summer day. I already knew that Russell Davies aka Abakus is able to produce cool dance orientated tracks, for instance I remember a nice vinyl on Dragonfly records. But nevertheless I am very surprised by this new album which might have to do with the fact the last one is one of my all time favorites and this one is really different.


Concerning the production quality the album is definitely official, especially the basses provide a wonderful deepness and the dreamy melodies have a very characteristic flavor. “We share the same dreams” is a variating album in the end, the majority of the tracks are danceable with lots of beats and percussion but there are also some rather chilly, “close-your-eyes-and-fly-away” tracks on the album. All together 13 tracks deliver good value for money!


At the beginning of this review I asked, if the new Abakus album can measure with the last one. Now I have to say: This was the wrong question, because “We share the same dreams” is really different and therefore the albums are hard to compare with each other. I just can say that this album is a sophisticated release, both from the ideas it includes and the production quality. Abakus' style has evolved and that is a  feature not all artists have today...  a thing I really do respect! I myself liked “That much closer to the sun” even better, but as said: That is kind of different story.
Review by Roberdo


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