Perfect Stranger - Free Cloud (Iboga)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Nov 21, 2008
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It was 2006 when Perfect Stranger drew my attention for the first time: His album “Learning = Change” featured a very interesting variety of music. Lots of classical Progressive Trance elements on the one hand, but a pretty relaxed mood on the other. Especially the basslines had a certain “clubby” groove which I liked very much.


 Perfect Stranger - Free Cloud (Iboga)

01. Clear Vision 07
02. Stardust 
03. Simple Cells 
04. Sweet Water Dolphin 
05. Easy 
06. Free Cloud 
07. No 1 
08. W



So I had pretty high expectations when the new Perfect Stranger album “Free Cloud” hit my desk. Listening to the very first track on this album I am just blasted away from the sounds from my monitors: A very long and steady buildup creates a mysterious, dark atmosphere with an unmistakable techonid edge. Turing up the volume, the sound pressure is unbelievable strong. I tend to say even stronger then on the first Extrawelt album, which is released quite the same time and a long awaited reference for top-notch production quality. Already know I know: This is a killer album, even if it is just because of this first track.

Its not a big secret that I am pretty much fond of technoid sounds since quite some time. “Free Cloud” is an amazing discovery for me because it combines a big amount of Techno with an absolutely psychedelic atmosphere: This is what you could call “Psychedelic Trance 2.0” – a further stage for people who are listening to Progressive Trance since quite a while and are looking for fresh ideas. The majority of the tracks is very technoid, somehow minimal but definitely not boring. Also the production quality is pushing itself, the kickdrums have that certain “real kick”, the basslines massage your stomach and the psychedelic sound effects finally send your head to outer space. All together an irresistible groove! The last two tracks are the most trancy ones and offer some solid dance floor stuff for those Progressive lovers who like it more “conventional”. But also these ones still have an experimental, nu-styled edge.

All together a remarkable album that will remain one of my favorites for quite a while. Perfect Stranger demonstrates what obviously many music lovers and artists are longing for: A new way of Trance music, which is kind of “adult” and “up-to-date” on the one hand but still includes a proper pinch of Psychedelic.


Review by Roberdo

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