Gili Air Island underworld party

A nice little story from the free cosmos

Author: Thierry
Date: Nov 25, 2004
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Text: Thierry
Date: Nov 25, 2004

As often it was not simple to reach this trance party... After 2 hours of car to Padangbai harbour in Bali we took a slow and old ferry to Lombok island. Then we had to catch a bemo (local car shuttle)to cross Lombok and went aboard a fisherman’s boat to reach Gili Air. No need to tell about the good and less good stories of this 9 hours trip now we jump on the so white sandy beach of this little bright coral island protected from the main indian ocean wind by the land of Lombok. We were welcomed by the smiley local people and Patricio. It was his birthday party! We found a traditional bungalow 30 meters from the beach (for 6 euros a night) put our shoes off for 3 days, ate a grilled fish on a gazebo in front of the beach at sunset while metting new and an old unspected friend… Easy and happy.

As the red full moon came up with so huge energy behind the montains of Lombok we heard our favorite boom boom sound which took us to the beach dance floor decorated with some fluo psychadelik images and a green laser.

Everybody was open and friendly as we love it. It was in fact the 2nd day of the party and all was Going so easily that I thank life again for the chance we had to be there. Our children and their new local friends warmed up the dance floor on a progressive trance set before we danced to 5 in the morning. The sound had to stop because of the governor of the island (not from Gili) and against the willing of all the local people that were as open heart as us. Just to remind us we were not on paradise. Anyway we continued to share with our new friends till the sun came up amazingly.

We chilled out all day in and out the clear water while chating and enjoying the nature. And once again the sun dropped with true psychadelik colors and the moon rose and... the sound came again...

Here the cosmic energy showed us its true dimension. Thank you Patricio and everybody that were here from everywhere. thank you Gili Air people for your so nice welcome. Let\'s continue to share and please don\'t forget to spreadLove arround ;)

DJ’S (not in order) : Jerry (Singapore), Teursten (Germany), Riza + Emon (Indonesia), Bootz (England), Adrien (Swiss), Patricio (Italia)

Author: Babacool / Date: 04.06.2008 11:03:05

hi Terry, nice to read your words, that remembers me that I was on the same spot that days! Psychedelic Parties still going on on that magic island. Please check:

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