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Author: Sam@chaishop.com
Date: Oct 9, 2008
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Featuring interviews with Yahel Chabs (Tranceload.com) and Anne Clark & Yahel Chabs DJ set

Electronic Bisquits presents alternative electronics hosted by Chaishop Music News and moderated by Sam@Chaishop.com. Sam plays the gems he found lately while moving without borders.

This first Electronic Bisquits show features interviews with Yahel Chabs of the online shop Tranceload.com and Anne Clark - one of the mothers of electronic music. The show is completed by a dj set of Yahel Chabs.

Play the music review Show:

[Album/Compilation: Release Title - Artist - Track (Label)]
Album: Alphabetically divided highway - Kino Oko - Made in satisfaction (Tribal Vision)
Album: Gems - Kasey Taylor - Trapped (Flow & Zeo Rmx) (Iboga)
Album: Kind of human - Dousk - Ass Table & The Stick (Klik)
Album: Gems - Kasey Taylor - Shnorkel (Dousk's Exclusive Gems Remix) (Iboga)
Interview: Yahel Chabs (Tranceload.com)
Album: Smallest Acts of Kindness - Anne Clark - Full Moon (NetMusicZone)
Album: Smallest Acts of Kindness - Anne Clark - Psalm (NetMusicZone)
Interview: Anne Clark
Album: The core - I awake - Leaving the known (Ultimae)
Album: !Escape Kit! - Juxta Phona & Offthesky - Low Spark Of High Squealed Toys (Somnia)
Album: The core - I awake - Journey (Ultimae)
Album: !Escape Kit! - Juxta Phona & Offthesky - Via Thee Alone Phone (Somnia)
Album: Smallest Acts of Kindness - Anne Clark - If (NetMusicZone)

Play the DJ set by DJ Set Yahel Chabs: "El Loco De La Colina":

Joris Voorn - Blank (Deetron Paradise Intro)
Umek & Beltek - Army of Two (Jay Lumen Rmx)
Alex Rai - Ciottoli
Quivver - Two Notes 'N' A Beat
Marc O Tool - My Manifest
Onionz - Nothing but Love (Tiger Stripes Rmx)
Rekorder - Rekorder 10.2
Luciano Pizzela - Pavio Said (Daso Rmx)
KOS - The Beginning
Avilo - Rubicon
Ozgur Can - Swell
Marc O Tool - Your Last Resort
David Weed - Extatik
Chriss Razor & Pixxie - Infected Happiness (Gabuci Rmx)
Prime Suspect - Attraction (Extrawelt Rmx)
Scan X - Silver
Way out West - Spaceman (Robert Babicz Rmx)

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