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Author: JayB
Date: Nov 25, 2004
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Tetraktys starts his live act around 2002 and then released his first album with Sub-Machines records in 2003. But if his dark progressive technoished trance flavor his known, who is the man beyond the project. Let’s try to highlight a bit around him… from the inside, let’s meet him in his studio, where he probably feels more comfortable to open himself.

So who is pulling the string of ‘Tetraktys’, can you tell us a little bit more?

Hello the world, here is Vincent, I’m 28, living near Paris in a small town surrounded by green forest and fields. I like this place; it’s quiet, and easy to live. For the music story, everything start at 5 with 15 years of studying classical piano, then came the time of psychedelic rock band, with Charles from Triptych. Soon after came the discovery of the hard and underground techno movement, Paris clubs, and going to much different kind of electronic parties. I really enjoyed this 90\'s explosion of all kind of electronic music in France. You know, everybody was involved, discovered the thing... What an incredible energy! Few years after, finished my design study, we start to get in electronic music production, but it was nice because we all start to experiment and share this adventure with friends. I’d like to say this adventure is happening naturally, there is no plan more than sharing passions, talents, fun with your friends. This is a little bit the Sub Machine way of mind; I’m very thankful for all the support coming from my surrounding, parents and friends.

And about ‘Tetraktys’ itself, what are you expectations today? How would you keep on working?

Actually, I put some distance with this first project, a kind of digest! Also, I don\'t like turning into circle, so I felt I needed to refresh my inspiration every time. I’ve started to work on it in 2001, to play live in 2002, released numerous tracks on various compilations and finally the first album with Sub Machines on 2003. Today I’m still working a lot around this production, but lately I got also interested to dig in other ways. It’s a nice feeling to have new influences, expands the horizons. Let’s say that ‘Tetraktys’ is under influences of these techno colors, and I want to keep it like this. But when I compiled the album, I found another color in this ‘Champagne’ track, another way of considering my own personality and my music. I kept it in mind, and today it comes obvious that I needed to have another project beside… just you know to keep a kind of logic. It’s how I got the idea of ‘Motion’ which is going to be more groovy and bit more deep and progressive. In my live act, I like to play both project Motion & Tetraktys, Progressive House to Tech Trance, sometime very different style but still my own, that give a chance to explore some other way than 1h of the same track... In fact this is my own story, the way I’m used to listen to music! Soon, after September, you’ll start to find Motion tracks on compilations. I really waited to have a level of maturity with this project, because that allows me to keep writing and producing the way I like.

It seems you like to work on your own, isn’t it?

Hahahahaha… not really, actually I have some collaborations going on with Charles, my old friend and music partner, keep your ears open it’s going to be FAT! Actually we work a lot together; we support each other and share the same passion for such a long time… Also you know I always have some friends like LunaSpice, Fiction and Side-A, around passing in the studio, and that’s true I got more open to direct collaborations lately… I also took advantage of my trip to Canada and Japan to meet new friends and collaborate with their project, Axiomata and Clutch. Maturity, experiences are things I want to share with friends, it keeps you growing.

What are you expecting to do next?

Well... I expect what\'s going to happen! Hehehehe ! I mean, music, gigs, travel... I don\'t plan so much. I follow the natural path of it. For the moment I’m maybe more focused on Motion project which i want to make it grow. So I will release some tracks on different compilations first, then maybe will come the album... right on time! Also, I will go to Japan soon and develop something there. Japan is so amazing! You always feel there is so much to do! I really can\'t wait to experience a New Year eve there! After this, I’ll have to move the studio, and I’m still trying to get a balance with production, and thinking of a living through music production is not that easy. With my friend Charles, we want to gather our knowledge into a common studio and project: Solead. Watch out the first release soon! For sure; it\'s not an easy task for sure to be in music, but I’ll try to keep this as a main target. Also all those experiences, places and people you meet during your travel, you get more open to thousands of new possibilities. The future stretches, expands the unexpected part of life… How you keep the adventure happening is part of it! Behind this is always the same aim of sharing the thrill of putting public in movement!! I think this is part of my next challenges, plus tons of others…but we all got something to do actually, don’t we!! ;)

And beside music, do you have any interest?

For sure! I try to be open to the ‘Air du temps’. I need to improve my imagination which grows up with sciences and literature, symbols and esoteric knowledge. I think music is a one of the strongest collective universal unconscious expression, but it\'s not the only one! As an ancient design student, I feel concern about product and graphic new creations. I\'m still drawing, modeling, taking pictures, etc... Everything where i can create something... But now, my way to learn is through music, how I get in maturity through it. Like I told you, I follow the natural path of it… I try to adapt myself into this way. It’s like suddenly we got granted to share the idea to have a further point of view about the general concept of living as human specie, let’s try to make something with it.

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