Rumble Pack / Blue Vortex


Author: Philip
Date: Nov 24, 2004
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Philip Guillaume and Andreas Märki. live in Zurich/Switzerland.
They are well known for their Project BLUE VORTEX where they released under Millennium/YSE Rec. their first Album “Mirage” in ’04. It’s a melodic full on Album, for dancing under the Sun and listen at home.
Now they started a new Project RUMBLE PACK at Midijum Records (thx to BIM)
where they will continue in the morning-Full On genre like they did before as Blue Vortex.

After one year having live acts on several parties in Switzerland, Germany and Austria they are working on a full length album for RUMBLE PACK, which should be released in March ’05 on Midijum Rec. Germany.
The first Releases are already done on the Soul Seeker Compilations 1 + 2 on Midijum Rec. More will follow soon…


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