Interview with U-Recken and Nitro

Author: Doof Records
Date: Sep 1, 2008
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Nitro (Gil Dagan, 26, Israel) and U-Recken (Yavin Ben-Ari, 29, Israel) the hottest stars of Dooflex, both out with a killer new album that will rock out this summer's dance flours, and also good friends.

NitroNitro, your new album "Rainforest culture" came after a while in the psy scene, when did you start to play and to make your own music?

"I started DJ'ing in 2001 and do my own music in 2003. In 2001 I played mostly dark minimal style and with time I started to go to the psycadelic genre but always with progressive and minimal influents."

 Nitro, how did you connect with Dooflex and how did it influence your sound?

"When I started to work on my own tons, my very a best friend, Yaniv U-Recken had his firsts release in Doof Records. In a short time I asked Zirkin and UV (the label owners) to listen to my staff and they took me in and guided me through my beginning. They had always given me the feeling that it's ok to create my own style even if it's different from the label sound. After Doof Records opened their sub-label "Dooflex" it was natural for me to be there knowing that in this label, which looks for something new and different, I can express my self fully and create my own style."

Nitro, what other projects do you work right now and what are your plans for the next year?

"My plane for this year is to begin another Nitro album, but not before me and Dima (I-DROP) will finish our "NitroDrop" project debut album. Dima which release his album a year ago, is more in the psy-full-on style with a bit of dark touch, and together we create something that is a bit fast and commercial with unusual and special sounds that makes it more melodic than my own music."

Dooflex considered being a family label, how does that intimacy come to expression?

Nitro: "You can say that the Doof family is a group of people that gathered around the love for music. There are UV and Zirkin which are the had of this family- supportive and understanding, the artists- that are also very good friends, and our faithful crowd and volunteers  who comes with us after the music, to our desert parties and our yearly 4 days festival, that unites us all together."

U-ReckenU-Recken, your first album had an enormous success, your second   album "deeper into man..." came out just one month ago. What kind of reaction do you get from your audience and from the party organizers?

"All the comments about this album was very warm and supportive, I was surprised and honored to realize how great affect my music have for so many people. From the party organizers, there is also great interest; I'm exited about the summer I'm about to experience, performing around the world and specially towards performing at Boom festival in Portugal."

U-Recken, Last year was quite busy for you as a performing artist. Which have been the best parties or places you've preformed live at? 

"Winter Solstice" at Cairns Australia was amazing for me, I meet great people which I still in touch with. Also the people of Greece showed amazing support and it's always nice too be there and visit my brothers. The main success, from the party side, came from Germany- the scene there started long ago and the productions are very professional with great deco and great sound systems."

U-Recken, Which Israeli and which world artists have influenced you and what inspired you?

I am mostly inspired from old Goa trance such as "Flying Rhino" releases,"Blue Room" UK (both no longer exists) and the old MFG albums was my favorite. Later on came Panic and Cosma (rip albums), which I found are closest too what I want to do. In my music I'm also trying to bring a strong full rhythm but also to be gentle and soft with it, I guess I want people too dance from their stomach.


Interview by Doof Records


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