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Author: Roberdo
Date: Jul 26, 2009
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They just released their new album "Draconic Sun", which features very experimental and also crazy sounds for lovers of powerful, pushing Trance. Now Roberdo met them for an interview.

Ten G - What abou this name?

*The name initially comes from an ancient god of the mountains called 'TENGU'.The 1st experience at the rave party in a mountain, gave as a strong inpact about the connection of sound, groove , and the power of nature. The spiritual experience lead us to the thought of the god of the mountains 'TENGU'.

What is your musical background? To which music did you listen during your youth?

*we listened to rock, heavy metal, funk music during our youth. Its so many so its hard to say right now but
 for instance.... JIMI HENDRIX, OZZY OSBOURNE, METALLICA, JAMES BROWN, PANTERA, RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, LED ZEPPELIN, QUEEN PINK FLOYD and so on... Then we began to search for the next evolution in funk sounds and started playing in live houses around Tokyo as a bass / guitar duo with a vocalist.

What did you like most when first meeting the Psy Trance scene?


What is you way of producing music, which technologies do you use?

*We get inspiration from everyware even just talking to people in parties. Also by playing the piano, guitar and
bass. We mainly use hardware, such as ROLAND V-SYNTH, NOVATION NOVA, KORG Z1, NORD LEAD, RAVE-O-LUTION, EF303.Plus guitar and bass sampling, and some softwares as well.

What inspired you for the recent album "Draconic Sun" ?

*Its basically like a history of TEN-G... cause it took quite a long time to release our full album. All the tracks has gone through lots of changes through numerous gigs...and its still going through changes. We have blended the funk, rock taste with the Japanese traditional sounds into our totally original psychedelic trance world.

Which artists do you admire at the moment, who is a source of inspiration for you?

*There are so many...but at the moment such as,  DAFT PUNK, Crazy Ducks, DEEP FOREST, Kiyoshiro Imawano and still such as Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd.

Only one sentence please: What will be the future of Psy Trance?

*Borderless dance, peace and smile.

What was you greatest experience as musicians?
*just to see people go crazy and dance...rave parties in rare places like in cave and such. hehehe, and once a girl got so high and got naked and threw her bra at us!!



What's next? Give us some self promotion!

*We just love parties, so we will continuously going to play live at many places, hopefully overseas if we have a
chance! And obviously get ready for our funky rock psychedelic second album!

Thanks a lot for the interview!

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