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Date: Aug 11, 2011
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AKD is a progressive trance project created in 2001 in a small desert town in southern Israel.Maxim and Yonatan have different musical styles, and it was this mixture that resulted in a sound totally dancing, hypnotic, and melodic.I talked to these artists who are producing the third album and come to Brazil in October in Mystic Tribe Party.

By: Natt Naville (nat@misturaurbana.com)

Why choose to produce deep progressive trance? This style inspires you?

A.K.D: We didn't have any specific musical direction, but  we all love atmospheric melodic music and the result was the music that came out from the studio.

When was the first big presentation? What you felt?

A.K.D: The first big presentation was opening the trance stage at Fusion 2007 ,  with our first live show of the Progressing album. It was an amazing feeling , one that we never felt before. 

Israel has many artists of various styles, is a country that breathes electronic music , it was easier for a career?

A.K.D: For us it was never about carrier it was about that special place we at achieved when we wrote music that thrilled us and other people who listen to it.

The album "Progressing" has many elements and vocals, is melodic ,love it, tell us a little about the production process? This is the second album right?

A.K.D: The progressing is the second album and it took us 5 years to complete it. in those 5 years we got exposed to ethnic music  which influenced us to combine ethnic vocal elements in the album.

Presentations in Brazil .How was playing here?

A.K.D: Amazing, the people the venues the energy... , it was a spiritual carnival for us.  OBRIGADO BRAZIL !

Do you prefer open air or indoors?

A.K.D: Open - air, because we feel our music connects to nature more than it does to concrete walls.

You want to produce other styles?

A.K.D: We also produce atmospheric and melodic music that is influenced from the techno / minimal / house .

Plans for  the future  ,Upcoming projects? Releases.

A.K.D: We are in the production of our 3 album.

What other kind of music hear?

A.K.D: Ethnic music chill out and ambient , minimal ,techno , deep house.

Message to the fans in Brazil :

A.K.D : We love you and it is a great honor for us to know that you connect and love our music. for us this is what matters when we write music, to know it will reach and touch people's hearts and soul's

Next shows :

Aurora festival  - 23/08/11 (Greece , Samothraki)

Mystic Tribe - 15/10/11 (Brazil, Sao Paulo)

NYE Party - 31/12/11 (Greece , Thessaloniki)

Open air Party - 16/06/12 (Hungary , Budapest)



Links :

Facebook :   http://www.facebook.com/pages/AKD/53517678154

Myspace :    http://www.myspace.com/a.k.d

Youtube :     http://www.youtube.com/user/Soulectromusic


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