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Date: Jul 24, 2008
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No Strings Attached is the new establishment of Parvati Records, a label that needs no introduction and it is well known by its singular and peculiar sonorities. Giuseppe is the man behind the label.

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01 – Psilo Cowboys – Innovative Perspective - 8:43
02 – Derango – Irrbloss Part 1 - 9:18
03 – Manic Bubbles – Subsonic Playground – 7:06
04 – Psilo Cowboys – Sweet And Sour – 8:38
05 – Derango – Irrbloss Part 2 – 7:22
06 – Manic Bubbles – 8220 Goa – 8:40
07 – Psilo Cowboys – Magnitude – 7:19
08 – Manic Bubbles – Patty´s Paradise – 8:38
09 – Derango – Via – 9:31   
No Strings Attached is the new establishment of Parvati Records, a label that needs no introduction and it is well known by its singular and peculiar sonorities.
Giuseppe is the man behind the label.

But let us see what are this strings pulling:

The CD begins with a rather calm track, Psilo Cowboys with Innovative Perspective (T1).
The persons behind this project are Jahbo and Thy Trung. This music reflects what you can expect from this CD: highly acid and psychedelic music for the night time, stretching to far realms with hypnotic echoes. Expect to hear in this tune big amounts of little sounds, buzzing and “pipe” metallic resonances, everything that is required to take you higher. It is a nice opener.

Derango comes with Irrbloss Part 1 (T2), a totally mind lost in the forest track.
I must confess that I was a little bit anxious to hear their new works presented in the CD, because since their debut album, I had listen very few new tracks, and I expected to hear the same quality in here, and the wait was worth it! Top notch music! So, back to the track, the dynamic is way different from the first track? Way more energetic, but each to their own. Imagine thousands of sounds all in perfect harmony, creating this special, out of this world music, this is the feeling you may get while listening to Derango?s music. The music produced by the Swedish boys, remind me like a river that never stops flowing, and their music is always in motion, and we get never ending sounds; The main sounds I like most are the ones that seem drops falling on water. The leads are pure mind blowers, some acid, others very hypnotic and also space sounds. I also like very much also the percussive elements where you can hear some slowing downs, and speed ups, always accompanied with sounds. Twisted music at its best is, probably, the best word to describe this track. Favorite.

Subsonic Playground (T3), from Maniac Bubbles diverges also from the previous 2 tracks - The mood, arrangements; all goes in another flow. This one is way more hypnotic than the previous and it touches obscure noises. It is a speedy up track, with all the sounds packed to create this “contained” tune, I mean, the track doesn’t have too many ups and downs or quick changes in the sonorities, on the contrary, it creates a continuum flow.

Psilo Cowboys brings Sweet & Sour (T4). Like in their first track presented in the CD, this one also, runs on a smooth temper. This time we are transported into space sonorities, and alien sounds. It almost seems we are inside a sci-fi movie and the sounds we hear are from inside an alien vessel. Highly trippy music.

Now we come to Irrbloss Part 2 (T5) track. This is the second part of the Irrbloss “series” and in this one we are presented with music more dry and spacey then the first part. You get more hypnotic sounds in this one, than its sister. But expect almost the same mood, of Derango’s music. Never ending mind blowing leads! You can also hear, and this is a usual thing in their music, like almost their trademark, sounds that are distorted, that remind me the buzz of a bee flying up and down, going in spirals, making crazy spins without ever telling her destiny. Favorite.

8220 Goa (T6) is the work of Maniac Bubbles. This tune is a full power track mainly because of the work of the percussive elements and the ripping leads. The energy transmitted by this one is very great! This is one of those tunes that when is spun gets everyone attention. Favorite.

Psilo Cowboys bring their last tune with Magnitude (T7). A more vigorous track then the other two. And the analyze I make on this tune is: what a ride! Lots of leads, that I don’t know how the hell they were created, but they sure make their work. Sometimes ambiguous sometimes incisive this track is meant for you to wander lost in the dance floor. Amazing brakes and even better changing of sonorities. It is a clear case if you are connoisseur of Jahbo sonorities you can clearly hear his work on this track and on this particular track, comes to my mind the similarities, or at least it makes me recall the track presented on the previous compilation, No Time No Space, Jahbo with Ultrasonic Energy. This is a rollercoaster ride. Favourite.

Patty’s Paradise (T8) from Manic Bubbles begins and ends with sonorities for inner travel. But in the middle of the track, its artistic direction changes and we are presented with a lead from another world: simply fantastic! It seems it “saws” your brain in little pieces; this electrifying type lead takes your feet from the ground. Favorite.

And so we reach our final destination with Derango’s Via. And what a great way to end this voyage! This tune is a little bit different from Derango’s usual works, mainly because of the percussive elements, because in this one they are way more powerful and more upfront than the rest of the other sounds. But as always expect the duo madness, and with that buzzing bee effect even more present than in the other two tracks. What a fantastic way to end this amazing voyage! Favorite.

The mastering of the CD was made by Drix at the See Thru Frog Studio.

I have got no info on who made the artwork but I find amusing the cover of the CD, with a skeleton holding a scissor, and I must tell although it has a skeleton it is no way connected with evil images. It is a funny, full of little drawings and lots of colors. Different but appellative.

Recommendation: I just want to say that this is another awesome release from Parvati Records. This split CD brings highly psychedelic music, the Derango?s tracks just blew me away, Psilo cowboys was a great surprise, although I think I knew what to expect when Jahbo is involved, plus working with Thy Trung could only mean quality, and Manic Bubbles was interesting for the sonorities it explored. So the aim to make magical carpet voyages inside the “spectator”  listener  was accomplished. If you are a collector of Parvati music this is a must have, (if you are not you should be - this is a solid label), or if you only like good quality music, than this is also a must have. One of the best releases so far this year.

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