Interview with DJ Slater

interview about new Czech label Tribal Vision rec.

Author: Pascal Poschmann
Date: Nov 4, 2004
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Tribal Vision is a new Trance label. Their first compilation called \"Urban Legends\" should be out at the end of November 2004, featuring ten previously unreleased tracks from both well-known top trance projects (such as Human Blue, Vibrasphere, BLT, Emok, Meller, POTS or Echotek) and new talented artists (Parrket, Rai).

We used the chance and catched the label-founder Michal Smetana aka Dj Slater for an interview!

Hello Michal!

First of all introduce yourself and your label in a few sentences please.

I have been playing psytrance & chill-out music for about five years. Tribal Vision crew was originally founded in 2001 with the main objective to organize trance events in the Czech Republic and to play there. About one year ago we accepted a new member, DJ Schwa, and soon we got an idea of starting our own record label. Few months later \"Tribal Vision records\" was born; check where you can find all the necessary info about our artists, releases, studio etc..

Where is the label located?

The label is located in Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe ;)

What\'s the concept of your label? What Genres will Tribal Vision feature?

We call our sound simply \"progressive psytrance\"...the roots of this kind of music lie in psychedelic trance, but you can find there also many elements from deep house (Rai), dub (Vibrasphere), fullon (Echotek) or even classical trance (Human Blue). Intelligent electronic music for both dancefloor and home listening.

What can we expect from Tribal Vision in the close future? Can you name some Titles that will be released on Tribal Vision soon?

We are going to release our first compilation called \"Urban Legends\" at the end of November. It will contain ten previously unreleased tracks from the following artists: Vibrasphere, Human Blue (Sweden), Emok, Elysium (Denmark), BLT, Echotek (Israel), Meller, POTS (Germany), Parrket (Croatia), Rai (Czech Republic).
In the near future we would like to release Parrket debut album and we are also planning some 12\" singles.

Are you looking for more artists to sign your label? How can talented producers contact you or send you their Demos?

Of course! We are always searching for a new quality music for our releases. Artists can send their demo CDs to the following address:

Tribal Vision records
Michal Smetana
Malebná 1166/73
149 00
Czech Republic

Any last thing you want to say to the people out there?

We really hope you will love our music at least as much as we do!

Michal Smetana - Dj Slater (Tribal Vision records, Czech Rep.)

Pitchadjust wishes you good luck with the Label and thanks for the interview!

Author: Pascal Poschmann
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