from dust till dawn with storm

Author: Yoshi Shimazu
Date: Oct 29, 2004
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Oct 29, 2004 - Text: Yoshi Shimazu

I saw Transit flyer in Tokyo,
while visiting a record shop for my monthly trance shopping this spring and the line up attracted me inn from the first moment, here in Japan and now I know that also not only here, but all over the planet is very rare to have a party with such a good line up, especially in both main and chill out areas, also since a long time I hadn’t been in Spain and the fact that Transit was very close to the sea-shore just enforced me to convince my friends to join me and we all went to look for the flight tickets.

Dancefloor I

We landed in Valencia on 31 of August and found that its very easy to reach Benicassim, it was easy to find the festival location, about 45 minutes by train and already at the station on our arrival we met some very nice new friends from Belgium whom already been camping at the camping site and were so kind to guide us around, its not easy for Japanese tourist to travel Europe?.
After spending 3 days in Benicassim under an absolute perfect sun and very refreshing sea, traveling around the nature resorts, going every evening to the mountains for the sunset, meeting so much people on the beach who came from so far away to Transit and having all together great time in the local water -park, we started to prepare ourselves for the festival, the camping area was already pretty full, it had very good infrastructure for staying, I never seen something like this even in our Japanese festivals, since the weather been very hot, the organizers built a really good shadow structures and very comfortable showers ,actually more then was necessary that is always good.

Dancefloor II


Delta Live

The festival was just about to start and the big stormy weather crashed on the village, I thought that we have so strong typhoons only in Japan, but again I was wrong, the storm here was so strong that I already was afraid that the festival will be cancelled and we all gathered near the entrance on Friday to wait for the organization decision, we hadn’t waited for long and some people from the staff announced the line up and apologized that the festival will be different as it was planned since the all inside infrastructures and deco been very damaged by the typhoon ,well later at the evening the festival had started, but in the night another storm came and main-floor was moved to the chill out where we had a lot of fun dancing for 5 hours DJ Penta set ,because of very strong rain and wind. Since Saturday the weather back to normal and the sun was shining, festival was in full action and already form afternoon with amazing Deedrah Live and DJ performance.


Son Kite Live


In a whole the music at Transit was simply amazing, all this live acts and djs every one in their best time and with the best music, the sound-system, stage, light show and visuals been highly professional and created a very good ambience, the chill out tent deco made by Tribe of Frogo was amazing and this Vivid performance form New Zealand simply incredible with their electric glowing costumes and dance skills, they made some magic things during the festival, also some very good acrobats and jugglers, fire show and the guy with a huge colorful soap-bubbles at the morning on the dance-floor was always putting smiles on our faces its great thing to watch and dance with.


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