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Date: Apr 23, 2008
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The InSpiral lounge provides a wide range of entertainments, from established DJs and recording artists to live acoustic performances, films, poetry and spoken word. The environment is specially tailored for the enjoyment of music and visuals, with the benefit of our state-of-the-art in house sound system and projectors.

Welcome to the lounge for a healthy helping of our seriously good tasting nutritious food and fine-tuned multimedia and art delights!

We are a daytime eco café that trades in healthy organic vegetarian and vegan foods, raw juices, superfoods and much more.

InSpiral lounge is also a multifunctional night-time venue and event space featuring a phenomenal sound system, video installations, a 100% organic cocktail bar and a full program of very diverse and inspiring happenings.

Ideally located by the side of the Regents Canal and the vibrant Camden High Street the inSpiral lounge is a haven of peace for the modern urban dweller.

Delicious food and drinks aside we offer internet access, a kids space, outside canal seating, smokers space, chilled electronic music throughout (also available from our website) – plus some seriously amazing products…

· Monday - conscious film nights

· Tuesday – New Horizons – talks on health and nutrition

· Wednesday – Beet Root – minimal tech and progressive night

· Thursday – varied – check our website

· Friday – Electronica Eclectica – showcasing the downtemp side of electronic music – also featuring VJs and performers

· Saturday – inSpiral nights – the more upbeat end of our spectrum

· Sunday – acoustic treats and poetry with Sunday Harmonies


Open Every day from 10am - Midnight


Musical Direction

In a world where much of the music we are exposed to talks about money, power and sex, InSpiral will make a strong counter point by featuring a distinctly gentle and positive musical genre - ambient & global music. This wide and hugely creative genre will lay the soothing background to what aims to be a social hotspot of communication and ideas exchange. Rather than creating a dance club our focus will be on people experiencing people - set against a thought-inspiring ambience.

The InSpiral lounge will be providing a wide range of entertainments, from established DJs and recording artists to live acoustic performances, films, poetry and spoken word. The environment will be specially tailored for the enjoyment of music, with the benefit of our state-of-the-art in house sound system. Special emphasis will be placed on the showcasing of new talent especially artists who make it their business to push the boundaries of style and content. The InSpiral music policy will run the gamut of styles from Dub, World Groove and Ambient, through newer expanding areas such as Glitch-Hop, Electronica, Ethno-Dubstep, Minimal, IDM and Folktronica, to name but a few!

To that effect the lounge is already featuring a variety of themed events on a weekly basis:

Friday Nights - Electronica Eclectica Downtempo grooves from all corners of the electronic world, including live PAs and occasional instrumental interludes, with a topping of physical performances, films and spoken word

Saturday Night - inSpiral nights taking the pitch one level higher we are exploring the realms of dubstep, funky electro, minimal and progressive beats, again against an inspirational background of multimedia and performances

Sunday Harmonies - our showcase night, for acoustic talents, poets and singer songwriters. A unique opportunity to share within a glowingly positive environment - our online musical world

On our growing website we are currently developing a world wide portal for the promotion of positive electronic music, within the above defined boundaries of our sonic world. At you can already listen to more than 200 amazing albums, find out about artists and genres and purchase music of your liking. Very soon we will add downloads to our range and are aiming to inspire artists to engage with our site by allowing profiles and upload features. Set against a truly ethical background far richer than based on its musicals merits alone we trust that this site will attract forward thinking minds and those opening up to new horizons alike...


InSpiral and Multimedia

We recognize that multimedia and modern technology offer a unique vehicle to communicate in this day and age. We have therefore set up:

• A multi-screen installation throughout the venue

• Free Internet Access for public use

• Video Conferencing Facilities and Live Transmission Capabilities

• Video Art (VJ) capacities

• Computer presentation facilities

• Film display facilities (for screenings, documentaries, presentations etc)

• A high spec sound system that recognizes that the magic is in quality not in quantity • A small stage that can feature small performances, speakers, electronic live PAs and even dance performances


Walking the Talk

In line with our high ambitions we currently have put the following into place:

  • A seasonal menu - reducing food miles where possible
  • A 100% organic ingredient list - thus avoiding the use of pesticides and insecticides etc
  • Onsite recycling - reducing landfill and encouraging consumer thinking
  • Green Energy - we are a Good Energy customer - thus supporting carbon neutral


Energy use

  • Bio Degradable Packaging and recycled materials where possible
  • Energy efficient LED lighting installation
  • Eco Friendly Cleaning Materials

Many more steps are planned in the near to long term future, including a large scale wind generator, an onsite wormery, and a perma-culture roof garden.

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