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Author: Infinite Connections
Date: Apr 15, 2008
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Infinite Connections is an entertainment company located in Downtown Seattle, Washington, USA specializing in providing management of entertainers and entertainment for corporate and non-corporate events. From circus performers, performance suspension and burlesque shows to bands, electronic musicians and DJs, Infinite Connections can provide the performers or produce the entire event.

Services Provided:
  • Event Production and Promotion services specializing in immersive environmental experiences for branding, promotion and large scale public events including dance/promotional parties, art showings, performance art, theatre and club nights. Examples of events include:
    - IOSIS Art Party series
    - Breaks & Freaks at Contour, Neumos and Nectar Lounge
    - Magnetic/Kinetic at Pacific Science Center
    - Cirkus Theatre: Alice in Wonderland at Capitol Hill Arts Center
    - Suspension and Piercing Performance Art
    - Shringar(a) Asian Underground Club Night at CHAC Lower Level
    - Body Systems Dark Art Party series
    - Zen Circus open performance night
    - New Year's Eve Balls: AION Costume Ball and Arcana Masquerade Ball
  • Booking Agent responsible for "booking" paying and promotional appearances for artists: See our Artist Roster

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