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Author: EarthFreq
Date: Apr 15, 2008
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EPN’s focus is on creating a meaningful space to gather, where we can raise awareness and share useful information on environmental issues and sustainable lifestyle choices, consolidate community bonds with creative and fun activities, and provide a positive transformative party experience in the beautiful Australian outdoors.

EPN was founded in 2005 by two eccentric multimedia engineers with a passion for our beloved mother earth. Since then, many other production companies, music labels and organisations have joined the network that makes  Earth Frequency (Earth Freq) Festival what it is today.

EPN is committed to finding ways to minimise our environmental impact as a collective, and to create positive outcomes from our events. This includes:

  • $1 per head is donated to the wilderness society for their amazing work.
  • Through Greentix, one tree will be planted from each pre-sold ticket sold.
  • Food stalls are encouraged to use recycled materials and avoid plastics.
  • We conduct post-event carbon audit with the aim of becoming a carbon-neutral event.


For more details on this year's event go to: 

See you in the bush!


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