Gathering Of The Tribes 2008

Review by Roberdo

Author: Roberdo
Date: Mar 28, 2008
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I have to say that actually I am no very political person any more. So I did not attend a demonstration for a pretty long time. Last weekend this changed. I arrived on Sunday afternoon at the Gathering Of The Tribes event and found a situation of cleaning up and re- constructing the party. Getting down in the Chillfloor not to Chill Out but to Chill In and get some drinks very soon there started a workshop about "building a mobile soundsystem". A pretty simple but very effective method: Grab an old wheelchair or a sack barrow and install a simply soundsystem on it, powered by a car battery! It was unbelievable how strong and clear the sound from these curious vehicles got. And of course it was really easy to move them.


After in this workshop the construction had been told it was the time for some practical experience. Perfect situation for a spontaneous nigh-dance-demonstration to an Chinese Embassy... reason: Free Tibet of course! We started with two of these funny soundsystems which had been connected via a simple radio transmitter... Smart, no? About 60 persons joined this spontaneous, not registered demonstration. Nice techno sounds from the speakers, people dancing while moving on. I have to say I really liked this way of demonstration. On the one hand it is simply fun to party on the streets, on the other I like the message of this action: It is an expression of Hedonism, it shows people another lifestyle without any paroles.


Of course after some time the first pigs showed up but they did not do anything beside managing the traffic a bit. Even when we stormed into Frankfurt central station for a little rave inside there the situation kept relaxed. The mobile soundsystems proved to be very, very effective and easy to handle. The workshop was held by some cool people from Berlin named Bündnis für mobile Mobilbeschallung, BUMS. If you speak German you can check out construction plans for mobile soundsystems on their blog!

The party was also pretty nice. I remember a pretty punkrock favored band with a lead singer in mini skirt playing in the evening and also Conni aka Lava 303 making some pretty experimental sound with her oldschool grooveboxes and a drummer. The musical variation was great, it reminded events like Fusion festival a bit.My chillout set was pretty nice too. Actually I could not resist to play some trash tracks by Koze aka Adolf Noise after some time and I think some people did not really get my wink... Well then, I guess those have to stay some more time in Chill Out to get really cool ;) the party ended up with a massive drunken, a destroyed mobile phone and a relaxed train trip through some snowy landscapes. Mission: Successful! Was pretty killer again, if possible I will definitely attend next year again!



Review by Roberdo 

Author: thomasw / Date: 31.03.2008 16:27:07

This party was Awsome! definaitly coming back next year :)

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