Managing the Markets – Medusa Style!

Author: Divyan Salotra
Date: Mar 1, 2008
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Rumors regarding Medusa Records have been doing the rounds for quite some time now. Chaishop has finally managed to corner the clandestine owner, A.Anestis for an exclusive interview!



Divyan: Hey Anestis! Everybody seems to be saying that Medusa Records is slowly but surely becoming a globally renowned label. Can you tell our readers about the methodology you adopted to achieve this?

Anestis: Hello Divyan, Medusa Records started a year and a half ago, while I was living in Salvador. It was then that the whole concept was conceived and set. As a label we are dealing with the whole spectrum of dance-pumping full-on music and have nothing to do with the dark side. We are distributing all our products globally but are mainly targeting the Brazilian market, where we have also opened our second office. The label is casting artists such us, Neuromotor, Blanka, Painkiller, Inner Action, JP, Bio genesis, System Brothers as well as many other established and new evolving artists that are exploring new dimensions.

Divyan: They say that Brazil and Japan have the most appreciative audience as far as psychedelic sounds are concerned. As a label owner, how do you plan to utilize these markets?

Anestis: Yes very true, these are the two major markets. We have been active over Brazil for almost a year now and we have been very successful so far. Our office in Salvador da Bahia mainly deals with domestic distribution as well as taking care of day-to-day issues. Japan is our next focus, but for the time being we are quite happy with the distribution we’ve achieved. I believe it’s better to concentrate on getting the basics right in any one market before you expand. So for now, we are concentrating on releases, events and many other promotions within the Brazilian market.

Divyan: Medusa Records started distribution once CD sales around the globe had started to decline. What other methods does the label use to generate revenue?

Anestis: Well, that’s the reality and if the massive music industry is dying, imagine the effect on the smaller independent record labels. Although I believe that’s the nature of all businesses, we always have to keep exploring new ways of working, new ideas and markets and most importantly to be innovative. Generally, the Brazilian market is strong and we continue to receive good energy and support. At present, we have released and are distributing the album of JP (JP-Evolution of Minds), who is one of the most well known Brazilian acts, and there is much more to come including a compilation packed with top notch Brazilian acts, the System Brothers album and the second JP album. It’s definitely not easy but we are receiving very good feedback that keeps us going.

Divyan: Digital distribution seems to be the upcoming method of distribution. Can our readers expect Medusa tracks on sites like Beatport and Track It Down? Who is currently in charge of distributing Medusa products?

Anestis: We don’t sell mp3s as this is against the whole concept of the label. We are committed to releasing quality music. I don’t see digital as the exit to better revenue, at least for now, since digital sales are very small. I would use digital if I was to re-release old tracks, but that’s not the policy of these shops, and I wouldn’t consider it for our new releases as this will damage our distribution. For new artists, sure it’s a very good way to present their work, but for established artists it is a very cheap way to release without much value or repute. Why buy an mp3 when you can have it for free from any of these free portals. We count on the markets and listeners that want to buy the concept and quality of the CD. Unfortunately, as this is the nature of the music industry, the key is to always adjust your business so that you get least affected. Our main distributors are Psyshop in Germany and Medusa Distribution in Brazil but also working in co-operation with many other main distributors all around.

Divyan: What are your thoughts on the global up rise of progressive trance? Will it extirpate the market for full-on trance?

Anestis: We are talking about two very different styles of music that couldn’t in my opinion affect each other. ‘Full-on’ is the dance movement and will always be. Although it’s very nice that progressive trance wins more and more people from outside the psy-trance scene. In Europe, progressive is gaining listeners, but this is to be expected, since full-on music has been around for more than a decade…and people are always looking for something new.

Divyan: Staring at Medusa could turn any ordinary man to stone! Does the mythology of your country influence the philosophy of your label?

Anestis: Definitely yes, but please don’t take it literally! Greek mythology is for sure a part of Medusa but we are not directed by it. We will soon release a series inspired by the Greek mythology. I wouldn’t like to say more on this right now, but it will be a series with a lot of concept and information from the mythology that will surely explain the whole story in depth.

Divyan: Future plans and final words?
Anestis: Well, plans never stop. Right now we are planning changes in our marketing campaign as well as many new promotions. A whole new exciting web site is on its way and regarding our upcoming releases, we will soon release the Beyondecliptica album, a dynamic compilation starring only Medusa artists, the third album of Blanka, a powerful compilation featuring the best psy-trance from the top artists from Brazil, the new album of Neuromotor, the second album of JP and also the albums of System Brothers and Artsense (more to be confirmed). By visiting our web site one can always be fully updated.…And final words…thank you for hosting me at Chaishop. I wish all the readers a great December!

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