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Date: Oct 5, 2004
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Vortex (Kagdila / Ecliptica) - Interview

1 – Name/Age/Occupation?
My name is Pedro Carlos Santos (VORTEX) and was born in 1969. At this time, I´m a trance dj and web designer.

2 – Where Are You From?
I was born in Lisbon, Portugal.

3 - How long are you in trance scene?
Since my 15 years old I have been in music universe, I had several projects of bands of rock, played guitar and vocals. In 1996, I went to my first Goa trance party in Portugal, since then, I tunned my universe of music for trance, trying create sets, that can transport people who are dancing to a psicadelic journey.

4 - What’s your favourite style, bpm range...?
My favourite style is creating a psychedelic journey, like a history or an “inner movie” and then; all make sence when the people feel this journey…

5 - Free text about your project?
My Project as a dj, it started at 9 years ago ,all this time give me skills and knowledge ( I hope), to trying create psychedelic journeys, as I try to explain in last question. I created too a small organization called Ecliptica , in 1997, since them , Ecliptica produce parties, trying keep the feeling of the goa trance, and all that it means.

6 - Tell me about your favourite’s projects in trance scene at the moment
Favourites they are lots of them, it depends of the style,and I like all of the trance styles,but, at this moment, may be, for night trip: SHIFT, T.SYSTEM, and all around of this sounds, and for the light trip: ABSOLUM, EXAILE, 3D style and all arround of this frequencies…

7 - How you see the trance parties in Portugal?
The partys in Portugal, they are normally in beautiful places, and the people like psychedelic and strong, and dance all night and all day, normally we have nice partys.

8 - Your sense of life?
P.L.U.R, realy……

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