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Author: Danyel
Date: Aug 12, 2004
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Name - Daniel a.k.a dj Danyel.

Music styles - psychedelic techno trance & exp: dub, jazzy chill out.

Record Label - Neurobiotic Records.

Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1973. Music was and always will be a center point in his life, already from young age he was playing his mother's and father's records, mostly 60's music like Hendrix, Beatles, Stones, Pink Floyd etc... Eventually he discovered electronic music listening to an underground radio station in the late 80's, these where the first hypnotic sounds of acid house and Detroit techno; with these sounds in his head he went to look for them and found him self in the underground dance scene of Amsterdam where he really got a good taste of it, dancing & sweating the night away every weekend until late in the next day.
From here (91/92) he decided to buy this music and thanks to a good friend started mixing it. Not much later he was playing these hypnotic sounds himself and made the people dance the night away. This grew and it eventually leaded him to what we now know as the goa/psy trance scene! , This was a new sound around and people from the traveling Goa scene where of course happy to be in Amsterdam for its freedom feeling and good underground party's. Thanks to people like dj Lucas (Metal Spark), Jens (Juno Reactor, Cwith, Acid Lab) dj Zen and Danyel, this music became the number one sound in Amsterdam. The party's where hot, sweaty and great. Amsterdam was full in to the hypnotic sounds of this new style. So around this time him & dj Zen started a club-night (Doors of Perception) based in the Trance Buddha Club in the center of Amsterdam. Together they rocked the Amsterdam dance floors to higher levels playing everywhere in Holland and also around the planet. He eventually flew to South Africa, Japan, Israel, Croatia, Pollen and most of Europe, Costa Rica, Brazil, Bolivia and many more, to make the people dance & fly to higher levels.
Since he had and still, Danyel is playing a lot and with many dj's/ artist's that al claim international fame. Also he has been involved with several underground record labels (Adodisc/3rd Mind Records, Amsterdam) and had his own for a short while (Uphonic Records) but stopped it and decided to keep focused on the creative side of it.

Grooving...VooV Exp. 2002...boom!

Now playing for Neurobiotic Records since he became good friend of dj Eduardo, who is running his label, based in Italy. Danyel is now mostly in Brazil since 2001, he discovered an alive and vibrate dance scene there that is hungry for this music, for him enough reason to be there and stay active in the music scene.
Since this is what he likes best in life.Here some of his influences: Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Brian Eno, Cyber sonic, Underground Resistance, Juno Reactor, Kox Box, Lee Scratch Perry, King Tubby, Amon name a few...

For further contact u can reach him at

And also u can check his agenda at

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