DJ MARCELLO V.O.R (2Hi / Neurobiotic Records - BRAZIL)


Author: Marcello
Date: Jul 15, 2004
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Date: July 15, 2004
Text: Marcello

Marcello V.O.R has been a dj for 10 years. Started to play psytrance 5 years ago and is now considered one of the most talented and respected djs in Brazil. He has played at major festivals in Brazil like Etnicanet\'s Celebra Brasil, Boom Festival\'s Ypy Poty, Solar Flares\' Trancendence among many others.

He has played at major european festivals such as VooV Experience, Shiva Moon, Fullmoon Festival, in Germany and clubs all over Brazil and Europe. His style goes from groovy full on music to techno oriented beats, but never losing the psychedelia on his sets.

He used to run the legendary Freak*a*Delic parties in Brazil since 1999, the famous weekly indoor club usually gathering around 1200 people every friday in Sao Paulo. He also organized big open air events gathering around 5000 people per party.

Marcello V.O.R is also a music producer. His new project with the collaboration of Daniel Costa (Vibra) goes by the name of 2Hi. The project is under the label Neurobiotic Records where he is signed as one of the Dj\'s and A&R. The release schedule for this year is tight with tunes on compilations under Neurobiotic Records and other labels across the world.

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