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Author: Jürgen Schneider
Date: Jul 15, 2004
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Date: July 15, 2004
Text: Jürgen Schneider

Plusquam Records prowdly announces the start of the new music-on-demand portal This platform for underground music is based on the e-commerce solution mp3 • mart, developed by the Hamburg based company dot • media & consulting GmbH. The software is already successfully used by Superstition Records since 2001.. offers a combined shop solution for mailorder and mp3 download.

Since a while, the music industry spends a lot of energy in finding protection systems against music piracy. But all this effords made one thing totally clear; the fact that restrictions like copy protections or criminalizing the own clients is not the right way to deal with problem of illegal peer to peer networks or copying. Rather than that, it makes a lot more sense to use the great potential of the world wide web and to prepare legal ways for downloading music and making your repertoire available through the net. is the first music-on-demand platform which is only focussed on underground music and specialized in psychedelic trance, progressive trance and ambient, hosted by the Hamburg based progressive trance label Plusquam Records.

Beneath ordering the original CD, offers the possibility to download the complete release or only single tracks of it in high quality mp3 format (192 kbit/s). Like this, everybody can collect his own compilation..

Two different user accounts are possible. Registrated for an Standard Account, each track costs 0,99 Euro. If you sign up for an Abo Account, you buy a parcel of 10 tracks, but pay only for 9. Like this you get a 10% discount and every track costs only 0,89 Euro.

Payments by creditcard (via paypal), bank transfer, money order and cash on delivery are allowed. If you pay by creditcard, the selected tracks are immediately ready for download in the users My Account menue.

The shop works in every country worldwide, no matter if you use Windows PC or Mac.

For the start you will find beneath the catalogue of Plusquam, the releases of Hadshot Haheizar, Balloonia, Ultimae, Iboga, Digital Structures, P.O.R.N., Domo, and c.o.r.n. recordings. New releases and more labels will be added weekly..

Everybody can download the favorite track legally, in the right version, with the right name and in good quality, without spending much time with searching the web and downloading fakes.

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