Qubic Loops (v/a) maniac I.Q records

new label from japan

Author: maniac I.Q
Date: Jun 28, 2004
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V.A /Qubic Loops - first compilation from maniac I.Q records

<Track List>
1.OVERLAP - Transition -
2.CLUTCH - Weltraum -
3.FUZZION - Meccano -
5.NEORIS - Blata Bong -
6.SYNCHRO - E-Male -
7.WIZZY NOISE - Maniac distortion -
8.MIDIMILIZ - Cyclic Structure -
Compiled by Dj A.bpm (maniac I.Q records-Japan)

Title / Artists : QUBIC LOOPS / various artists
Format: CD
Style: progressive trance/ tech trance/ techno
Release: 07th.July.2004 -World Wide
Label: maniac I.Q records
Catalogue no: miq001

The "maniac I.Q", known as a promoter of maniac trance party in Japan, this production doing collaboration party with Boshke Beats,Digital Structures,Iboga etc.. started new own label -maniac I.Q records. then release the 1st compilation CD!

maniac I.Q records release a new compilation CD, "Qubic Loops". This first compilation "Qubic Loops" include WIZZYNOISE from Greek who just released their 3rd album from SPUN rec, MIDIMILIZ from German , known as dark progressive techno, RYAN HALIFAX, who sold more than 7000 CD every title from Millennium rec in the world, and more artist made nice track for maniac I.Q records.
This label also promote Japanese new hope "CLUTCH" & old authority "K.U.R.O", in this new compilation. Qubic Loops image you "International and domestic", "perfect and new", and "flashy and cool". It include progressive trance, techtrance, dark psychedelic, and more different "taste". Album jacket is promoted by AUN GRAPHICS, who promote many major artist in Japan. With all these artist, maniac I.Q records will promote more new release with new ideas! first high quality compilation, the "Qubic Loops" will satisfy every listeners in the world.

maniac I.Q records -Japan-

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