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Author: Slater
Date: Jun 2, 2004
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Rinkadink, one of the most promising full-on artists of last few years, released his debut album called "Rabbit from Darkside" on Alchemy Records few months ago. We asked for a short interview on this occasion:

1) When did you start making psytrance music? How did it happen?
I started a few years back...why? Because I couldn´t play guituar and I was crap at sports...

2) What can you tell us about your debut album?
It´s more for civilian use, not so much dancefloor stormers, but rather some interesting ideas and fucked up arrangements, while still remaining mainstream and appealing. It was written on the road over the last few months on headphones and laptop speakers.

3) What gear do you use for music creation and live on stage?
I use a commodore amiga 1200 running octomed, for live use a vaio laptop an´novation nova and controller.

4) What are your favourite psytrance projects?
Broken toy, protoculture, shift, damage, teen sluts,simon posford, but what really turns me on is the music from digital hardcore recordings, they make all music sound like kittens.

5) Do you also listen to any other kind of music?
Yeah, MTV music like marylin manson, justin timberlake, britney spears, beni-bennasi, neptunes, BP and atari teenage riot.

6) What was your most memorable gig so far? Where have you been playing recently?
The good ones are all sort of blend together in one long smudge of depravity. Recently I´ve been playing in japan, brazil, mexico, russia, southafrica. In march there´s a killah party by the legendary twins in isreal that I´m really looking foward to (but not the inevatable roasting by isreali airport security :-)

7) Are you planning any tour over the Europe to present your album?
Hell yes! I´ll be in London, italy, germany and france for gigs real soon.

8) How is the psychedelic scene in South Africa?
I´ve lived outside southafrica for more than 4 years so I´ve really only got an outsiders perspective, most of the artists in demand are leaving for europe cuz its impossible to get the gigs they could because is so damn far away from everything.

9)What do you think about the evolution of psytrance music in last few years? Do you like for example the minimal/progressive stuff?
I dont really give a damn, most people into psytrance think that its better than any other form of dance music, where-as other people in other scenes are a lot more opened to new ideas, as for minimal music, I think its good to play it in bars an clubs where you go to get drunk an pose with girls, you know? Like its not goin´ to get crazy and cause you to not be able to hear what the person next to you is saying...but in essence I think its pretty lame, like music for uptight, sophisticated people...I like simple music, that sounds good anywhere, on radio or tv, songs you can hear once an still be humming them to yourself ages later, like benni bennassi´s satifaction for example or music with vocals that touch you emotionally.

10) What do you think about the mp3 phenomenon?
I love it, its gonna bring the whole music industry to its knees, then things going to start mutating, an´new idea´s an music and channels will be has opened up new possibilities, SO WHAT if people can´t get money the way they used to.

11) What are you plans for future?
In the long term I want to get some cash together and buy a big piece of land in the south of spain and build a studio with a view and have a villa, but in the short term I just want to have my own room and finally stop surfing my mates couches and have a studio with monitors so I won´t have to write music on headphones.

DJ Top 10 (no special order)
peaches - sex(broken toy remix)
protoculture and rinkadink - poolside killah!
tryptych - celtych
dino - perpetual night party
shift - dubmention remix
marylin manson - beautiful people
broken toy - snack on remix
rinkadink - fourty nine kilobytes of kaos
teen sluts - super marihuano bros. (live version)
snack on - squid vibes

Michal Smetana - Dj Slater (Tribal Vision/

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