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Date: May 27, 2004
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Lunaspice, Reflexion, 1st album on SubMachines records

Who is Lunaspice ?
The new project from the fremen duo Matthieu (Dj Ode) and Steven, both 29 years...

When did you start to make music
M. between us, it\'s already a long story of 10 years of friendship and musical experimentations.
At the beginning, we started to work on a Rock band under psychedelic and experimental influences, then I have discovered the techno movement in 93, and get immediately seduced by the music, soon after I started DJ’ing, first in techno and hardcore parties, then came the trance and progressive…
S. Then he wanted to go further in music production, after music school we joined again with Matt to set up our first project Cosmosquad with release on Tribadelic and Ying Yang rcds. After a first tour, from Australia to Caribbean island, we thought we wanted to have another project more following the groovy progressive flow we love so much, so we started our “Lunaspiced” project !! Lunaspice is first a musical adventure shared by friends, and leaded by their passion of the groove, and electronic music production.

Lunaspice time for the 1st album is released soon on SubMachines records ?
Why is it time now for you ?
M. We just finish to mix our first Album, and send it for mastering, that was a big, huge work !! We now felt ready to produce a full album after releasing tracks on compilations, Lunaspice is trying to get the perfect match between groovy and psychedelic progressive trance. We’ve build an album which shows the range of the music and flow we like to produce. It’s serious step for us, showing to the public, Dj’s and groovers that freshness, and strong production is still available…(thank to Natas and SubMachines team for your strong kick & support…!! =). But what we expect the most is to seduce and find our public, and organisers that would made easier to keep on producing our LIVE ACT. So our first expectation is the feedback toward our production.
S. All those previous experiences gave us feedback enough to go further, until the day we decide to make a full album. You need this experience to have the public reaction, but this is not an exact science. We trust what we are doing now, and we are lucky to have our friends who support and push. Sub machine is also a network of friends who are working in complementarity, everyone thru its talent and knowledge is contributing to keep the adventure going on.
M. Steven refers to the group of people around us, it’s very nice and comfortable to be surrounded by friends who makes visuals, decoration, label management…. Give us the opportunity to participate on all the work beside the music. It’s very stimulating.

What would you saiy about Live ?
M. We keep the idea that the live should be as much as possible connected to the reactions of the dancefloor, so we work in this way and select the tools that would help us in this way.
I’m more in charge of the sources computer and synths, and Steven leads the mixing part to keep everything tight in the right balance, and make it sound fat. For this we also spend a lot of time to rehearse in the studio, we still see our project as a music band able to create even on stage.
S. I use my experience as sound technician to be able to adapt the live everywhere we go and make it sounds in the way we want.

The album offers a wide range of different style, it’s not this common “recipe album” we’ve been used lately in trance production…
S. All I can say is that we put a lot of time thinking about our sounds, compositions, we really tried to have the best results. Finally it’s representing our taste and expectations. You’re right to say that it’s more a range of different ambiances. The tracks are all differents and they all tell a story. Like life, it’s never a block but a stream. Hopefully it’s never the same everyday. I say not to monotony generally…
M. Everything is said. He is good sometimes to speak about this… (laugh)

Visions and Future ? What’s next plans ?
M. First we’ll do our best to promote Lunaspice album and the coming releases of SubMachine… We want to keep sharing the creativity and energy of our artists and friends with the scene, we believe that this is our big step. For the future we want to keep sharing our passions, music, and enjoying life by trying as best as we can to live out of our creativity, and productions… This should keep up out of any artistic frustrations… (laugh..!!)
S. Next important step will be the setting of our new studio. Actually we’re working home on different ways, experimenting new sounds and textures that will be blend later. We’re bringing our personal knowledges, and our common background makes us very complementary… We want to build a new place that will offer more potentials, better workspace that will open possibilities for new cooperation with musicians and singers.

What’s your opinion about MP3 and peer-to-peer ?
M. MP3 is killing the independent music production in the way it is used now, by setting the most unfair trade between independent producers and public… Probably the CD format is already dead, that’s why SubMachines is really interested by new distribution online. It’s probably time to change the way to release and produce music… Networks offer a new opportunity to put in direct Artists and Public.
There is a way, something to invent that will preserve everyone and offer reliability to our productions…
S. For sure now it’s time to change ways to produce and distribute. I think this is the job of the label to think about the futur and open new path. The cd format was a revolution, digital technologies offers us to keep the evolution going on. Let’s follow… not resist !

What annoys and inspires you ?
M. I’m very sensitive to the ecological problems and how much people can still be unaware of their due toward the Green Planet and the future generations… I dedicate a page on LunaSpice website to inform..!! =P
And inspiration comes from the forest of smile on a sunny outside dancefloor…
Special thanx to the grooveresses !!
S. I’m annoyed by
And my inpiration comes from the heart, goose fleshed moment, and travels. But the main is coming from Mother Nature, animals, vegetals, minerals… my basics !!

Any side projects ?
M. I have one main side project, D-sens, closer from minimal and deep progressive trance style… Definitely sexy music !! ;) I’ve also started one with Vincent from Tetraktys called D.Mentions, and earlier I produced some psytrance with Solarians, I wouldn’t say I won’t do it in the future again.
S. My job is taking me a lot of time now, but I’m lucky to work with music of all kinds, it offers me the opportunity to hear and discover a lot of styles and productions, giving me a wider point of view also…

SubMachines Updates… “In groove they trust !”
By the way I got a little word with Jeremy (dj Natas), the creator and main actor of SubMach rcds.
J. It’s been now 4 years, I’m fully living this label adventures. 2003 was very hard indeed, mainy changes happened in the inner structures of the label that put us to the point to keep or stop the story. Today it’s getting better, Matthieu get more involved and give a lot of energy to keep the fire, and Jerome started our side ambient down tempo label, Clima rcds. Next step is the releasing of 1st LunaSpice album, but soon we’re going to prepare some nice surprises (Remixes ?? Maxi ?? shhh…)

Reflexion (release June 2004) on Sub-Machine rcds
1. Tixaan
2. Wind stream
3. Cobalt cocoon
4. Deep diving
5. C. serpent
6. Reflexion
7. Time pipe
8. Dreaming or awake

Previous releases
\"Melodeep\" ,Cold groove , to be release soon…
\"Step by step\", Pure Bliss, Tatsu rec, April 2004
\"Cycle of life\", Clima rcds
\"Proteines\", Chrome, VA, Sub Machines rcds
\"Shine the dark age\", Froggy world, Froggle rcds, 2003
\"Tokyo Dream\", Lighten – VA, Sub-Machine rcds, Feb 2003
“Cosmik\'aum”, \"a hobbit trip\", Travel Pack – VA, Sub-Machine rcds, June 2002

Links:, click lunaspice link… !! new website on progress the ambient side of Submachine

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