An Humanitary Festival (3 Days Festival)

Author: Christophe
Date: Mar 26, 2004
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Every 4 secondes a HUMAN BEING die about HUNGER in the WORLD

So we could not stay like this and we decided to ACT

\"We want our money to help the hollow bellies, Our energy to dance and dance
and dance, and Our joy in life to give energy to those who are suffering !\"

Musical, artistic and culinary festival lasting 50 hours from May 29th (13
p.m.) to 31th (15 p.m.) in partnership with Action Against Hunger >> 10 • of the entrance price

(to be defined) will be poured back to Action Against Hunger, while the
whole ammount of the benefits left will be poured to the \"Restos du Coeur\"
which is another humanitarian association trying to help people who can\'t
eat properly, in France. (word for word the \"Restaurants of the Heart\")

The entrance price will give access to the place for the whole festival
lenght, and includes meals (rice with hindi thalie), breakfasts and drinks
(at will). No alcohol will be sold on the location. All the visual and sonic
performances will be carried out by benevolent artists who\'ll gather there
to support us, without financial return

. They will have proper stage and all the technical supplies at their
disposal. U can already expect VERY nice surprises on the line-up, we will
keep you informed very soon.



Progressive :
Tetraktys - SUb MAchine rec, Aeon rec, Zma rec
Motion - B.u.S rec
Fiction - B.U.S rec
D.Sens - B.U.S rec
Luna SPice - SUb Machine rec

Full on :
Triptych - Turbo Trance rec, Shiva Space Technologie, Transient rec (UPDATE)

Psyché :
Neuromotor - Mechanik Sound rec
Hyper Frequencies - Mechanik Sound rec
Crazy Lions Cult - Mechanik Sound rec
PhatMatix - Mechanik Sound rec
Triskell - Peak rec/ Timecode rec
Phonic REquest

Ambiante :
Neuropose - Clima rec


Progressive :
Natas vs Missing Time - Sub Machine rec, B.U.S rec
Ode - Sub MAchine rec
D MUsh - Shiva Space TEchnologie
Kokmok - TRansubtil marseille
Cilou vs Sheera
Miss Tick - Sub Machine rec

Full on :
Olive - Life Extension / Arcadia rec, Shiva Space TEchnologie
L\'ELf - Turbo Trance rec (UPDATE)
Naya - Bionics rec
Psychotrop - Analogic Team, Coda mag
Kaa - Bug System Liban
Senix - Analogic Team
Chris prod - Dragonhunters
Trip Tonik - Techni TRance

Psyché :
Thy Lan - Mechanik Sound rec
Gil - Mechanik Sound rec
Jessy - Mechanik Sound rec
Rashka - Mechanink Sound rec
Naga - Peak rec, Timecode rec
Driss - Hadra
Little Pumkin - Tiny Teck, Peak rec
K-Fu - Tashidelek
Kwark - Ultimae rec

Ambiante :
Las22 - Analogic Team - RWC
Roots Wurst Crew - RWC
Koala - Ultimae rec
Holls - Clima rec
Lutin des bois - Secret Vibes

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