New Label in India

Third Eye Records with V.A. "Digital Eyes"

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Date: Dec 18, 2003
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New Label in India

Third Eye Records with V.A. "Digital Eyes"

Third Eye Records is the first Psy label based in mother India. This label has come into existence recently towards the end of 2002. However the seeds have been planted years ago and nurtured by many seasons of Goa sunshine and Bombay blasting!

Third Eye Records, is now ready for its debut release, a full-on, multi-styled, international blast fest. Featuring 9 cutting edge tracks from some of today's leading artists and talented new comers. The concept of this debut compilation DIGITAL EYES, was to bring together a diverse group of artists from all corners of the globe, each with their own particular sound and style. And for them to give their own interpretation of a morning dancefloor sound.

The debut compilation boasts artists from all over the world such as, Ibiza, France, India, Russia, Portugal, South Africa, Amsterdam, Australia and Sweden.

Many of the artists have created the tracks, being inspired by something Indian, from a name, to a mood or a sample. This little touch helps create a unique feel to the overall compilation making the sound specific to where it comes from.

Third Eye Records and there release is just the start of a new movement, helping put mother India on the global psychedelic map, as more then just a great destination, giving mother India her own musical voice.

DIGITAL EYES: Compiled by Karan and XP
1. Earthling Vs Bushman - Waking life (143bpm)
2. Silicon Sound - Metabolism (143bpm)
3. Boombay Central - I feel Good (147bpm)
4. Parasense - Karnataka Punk (146bpm)
5. Audialize Vs Suria - Elastic Mutants Rmx (144bpm)
6. Shift - Cult of Soma (143bpm)
7. Paranormal Attack - What have you done ? Rmx (145bpm)
8. GMS Vs Space Tribe - The Third Eye (142bpm)
9. Artax - Psychaosis II (142bpm)

International Release date 10th Sep 2003

Mastering By Xenomorph at The Hive Berlin .

Third Eye Records
Bombay. India. Earth

International Distribution by Wirikuta

Samples here :

Indian distribution by Sony music.

Will be available at your regular space-staions. So look out!

Are you ready to open your third eye?

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