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Author: Filter
Date: Nov 13, 2003
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The psychedelic trance scene started in Argentina with
a curious character named Pierce, he came all they way
down from Wales after his trips in India, claiming he
had the mission of expanding budism throughout the
world using trance as the way in. He rented some
equipment, got some uv lights, and organized the first
psychedelic party in our history. The place was in a
beach far away from town in the middle of nowhere and
the few people who attended it got hooked forever.
Thus the psychedelic trance movement was started in
Argentina, the year was 1994.
From those lucky persons who where there came out the
first party organizators/djs called Terrestres
Anonimos (Anonymous Earthlings or something like that
:D). This included all our oldest djs in the scene,
Polper, Murray, Excel and Han Solo. They organized a
lot of parties, the most famous ones in a huge park in
the middle of downtown Buenos Aires, called
Planetario. Those parties where held without any kind
of permission, just taking the necessary equipment and
having a nice psy party. Terrestres Anonimos and all
their work became crucial for our scene, these events
where the seed of psytrance here. Eventually the first
live act of Argentina, called Mindprobe
( was formed and a new group of
djs/organizators called X-Tribe, which included Yage,
X-Ren and Shabda, appeared, they where the ones who
inherited the legacy of psytrance.

The scene enjoyed a nice stability and energy for a
period of time, Mindrprobe playing live several times
at important events such as Earthdance, parties, new
djs, but everything was still very underground. The
movement was sustained by a small group of friends who
did parties only for fun, those parties had an
incredible vibe where everyone knew each other, it was
practically a psychedelic tribe.

But as everyone grew up each had to pursue their own
way throughout life and the system, so the energy of
this people started going in other directions. The
movement in general slowed down a little bit, it was
time to think things over and decide what to do.

In 2002, coherent with the groth of psytrance all
around the world, the idea of re-building the scene
started becoming possible, more people were attending
the parties and there was a big need of an alternative
to the typical house/commercial style. was created by Filter as a way to
unify the scene, which was really dispersed at that
time, in order to improve and make the movement
bigger. This site is basically the portal for our
local scene, covering all the news about parties, djs
and artists that occur in Argentina. was the first organizer to bring
international artists to Argentina, despite the fact
that the scene here is still small and that the really
bad economic situation in our country makes dollar
caches extremely steep for us. This step was possible
thanks to the unconditional support of Analog Pussy,
they were the ones who opened the way, they trusted us
and we didnt fail them.

The party where Analog Pussy played live was one of
the most important psytrance parties in our history,
about 800 people attended (this is still our
attendance record); the band drove the people crazy -
and viceversa -, it was one of those enchanted
evenings when everything works out perfectly in the
end. That night was incredible, and all the people who
where in the scene from the start realized it was a
turning point.

Since that party brought two more
international artists to play dj sets here, first John
Om from Green Oms and then Hujaboy. And this was only
the beginning...

The scene nowadays is stronger than ever, more people
are attending our parties, more djs and artists are
popping up and all the people who made a great effort
to keep the psy spirit alive all this time can now
relax and enjoy the fruits of their work. There is
still a lot to do, but now we are united and all our
energy is directed to expand this culture which
embraces spirituality, understanding and respect.

There are currently 3 organizators who are practically
holding psy parties every weekend, these are, Undebeat, and Murray. They are
enjoying and contributing to the growth of the
movement and at the same time keeping the spirit
alive. is also preparing what would be the
first official retail distribution of psytrance music
in Argentina. As there is no psytrance in the shops at
all, we have decided that if we want to contribute to
the global scene, having original productions here is
definetely a must in our goals. We will also, in a
short time, start distributing the Intershroom
Magazine, which, although in english, we consider it's
a key element to expand the psy culture in our

Our scene is growing, and our country is slowly
getting better, but we still need support from out
there to help us build a solid and stable movement. We
are victims of idiotic governments who sent our
country down the drain, we are not letting this
factors affect us, but the world needs to understand
our situation. There is a psytrance scene in Argentina
and we are doing heroic efforts to keep it up, we are
the country just below Brazil know that there is a
psychedelic tribe here, just come down and get to know
it :D.

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