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Author: Aura
Date: Nov 13, 2003
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Name: Aura Rascon B.
date of birth: 13/10/79
place of birth: Tenochtitlan (Mexico, city)

As a performer, is hard to say when and how did all started exactly, since
I've been involve with different art forms since I can remmember... But
maybe I can say that since 94, when music and dance became a real passion
to me, things started to get more "serious"; or better said, more focussed.
At that time, I was doing lots of contemporary dance (mostly Graham
technique and "Contact" improvisation), and kept going for the next three
years training even everyday at some periods, with groups of the University
of Mexico as well as private. Those were as well the times where the so
called "rave parties" were at their peak in Mexico city... I became a
partydancer beast since then...
Fire juggling came a bit later, just before I left Mexico and of course
travelling was the perfect school for it. First in Europe at some theatre
festivals such as the Fringe in Edinburgh, (a truly inspirating experience
with lots of street theatre and performing groups from all around the
world...); and of course the psychedelic parties, mostly at north Germany;
where naked dwarfs, elfs and fairies would be twistting their firesticks on
the dance floor...I litterally felt in wonderland and I loved the idea!

I went to India after that, where I lived from 1997 to 1999; I was studying
at a UWC (United World College -, so this was as well a very
good period for artistic growth and development; having much art courses
and possibilities to make small presentations from time to time.
After that I moved to Bulgaria, where I've been living since 2000. I came
here to make my studies in music; but parallel to that, I've found the
space and the way to put together my previous interests and activities and
canalize them, as a whole, into the performances that I do nowadays. It is
here where "KUXAN SUUM arte en movimiento" (my performance art group) was
born. For me, this is the space where I can play freely and dig into my own
creativity and artistic potential, using all kinds of elements that,
crossing my way, have caught my attention; working sometimes alone,
sometimes with other artists.

The roots of my inspiration are nourished by the culture and myths of
ancient civilizations, mother nature, travelling and the magic beings and
freaks that I've had the luck to meet on the way and learn LOTS from each
of them! (dancers, professional circus artists, actors, street performers,
fire freaks, fashion designers, body painters, etc...).
But the ideas just come spontaneously, sometimes without even looking for
them... I just let my imagination flow freely and then all kinds of images
come to my mind; then I feel this crazy need to make them come into our
reality and give them 3Dimensional live...
I believe each of us is a potential artist with much creative power in our
hands, so we shall not waiste this gift and instead share it!

Joy and respect to everyone!


*For more information, pictures, experience, philosophy and more see:

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