oCeLoT- psy fidelity sounds...

trance producer from san francisco

Author: aaron
Date: Nov 7, 2003
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Nov 2003

Bombay, India

oCeLoT produces a wide range of trance music- from fluffy sounds to hard sounds.
oCeLoT is Aaron Peacock, a San Francisco California resident, currently travelling in India.
Many many side projects emanate from the oCeLoT machine. N3XT is a current one based in Bombay...10 years of trance music production and a lifetime of music creation and performance contribute to his full powered hi-fidelity sound. Look for oCeLoT in europe from may 2004.
Those going to Goa should be sure to check out oCeLoT plus side project N3XT

(mp3 clips on web site below...)


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