Sally Doolally

Author: Sally Doolally
Date: Oct 27, 2003
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Text: Sally Doolaly

Born in the United Kingdom, DJ Sally Doolally has been seen and heard
stoking up dance floors alot around the planet over the last five years. She
started to mix 12 years ago and in 1998 found herself playing some music at
a party in the Mountains of India, totally falling in love with playing
music to a dance floor from that moment. Sally then started to play
regularly in London and also to produce 'Doolally' parties during 1998 &
1999. Sally has since played in many party hotspots all over the world
including: Australia, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Israel, Portugal, New
Zealand, Finland, Germany, Mallorca, Sweden, Thailand and Switzerland.

Based now in Hamburg, Sally is a label Dj for Dragonfly Records, UK and is
currently compiling a CD for release on Dragonfly in 2004.

For the last 3 years Sally has been representing USTA records of Israel as
well as Transient Records UK as a label DJ and she was also part of the team
which produced the huge 3 day event in Thailand over new years 2002 called
'Koh Phangan 2002'.

Sally has an impressive DJ "herstory" of festival gigs including:
Voov-Experience Germany (2003), Antaris-Project Germany (2003, 2002 & 2001),
Fusion Festival Germany (2003); Lovefield Germany (2003), Shiva Moon Germany
(2003), Rainbow Serpent Festival Australia (2003 & 2000), Boom Festival
Portugal (2002); Dreamweavers New Zealand (2003); The Outback Eclipse
Festival Australia (2002), Summer Dreaming Australia (2002), Koh Phangan
2002 Thailand (2001-2002), The Dawning 2000 Australia (2000) and Ahimsa
Solar Eclipse Festival England (1999).

Sally has also played in numerous clubs and smaller open-air parties too....
and is sure to be heard more!!

Additionally Sally has begun to fulfill her dream to produce music and has
been spending time in the studio recently collaborating with some
established artists in this scene.

Sally also enjoys playing live on the radio and played most recently on FSK
in Hamburg with the Dreamteam. She has also played on 2SER and RRR in
Melbourne as well as having a pre-recorded mix of hers being broadcasted on
national Australian radio, JJJ.

Mixing with CD's and vinyl, Sally is known for playing 'full-on progressive
trance' and 'groovy-tribal progressive'.

For DJ bookings please contact:

+49 175 4926122

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