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Author: Vazik
Date: Oct 27, 2003
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The music production duo "MiddleEarth" are Mateo Schnneider and FÈlix Cobos, both born and living in MÈxico city.
Playing together since 2000 with the name of Fraktalseed, they started to do fine on mexican dancefloors.

FÈlix is djing since 1999 as Flix characterized for his great progressive sound earning his place in the scene by the different style on his sets.

Since 2002 Flix is djing for the danish label Ayahuasca Records, and some important mexican booking agencies.

Mateo used to play lead guitars in a band since the age of 13 witch experimented classic blues/funk/jazz and little celtic.
He meet trance parties in 1999 and he decided to go further with this style and he bought his first synth, in the same time FÈlix did the same.

The fruit of the long hours in the studio is "MiddleEarth",
a grown project with a particular and hipnotic style that shortly will shake dancefloors.
They are about to release several tunes in important labels of trance and house.
Tracks such as "Mangle rmx", "Breath on me", "Keep it Blue", "Atman rmx", "Symetrism rmx" and others.


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