Shangri-la-la interview

Author: Sam
Date: Oct 23, 2003
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An interview with the makers of the UK based international trance mag

Chaishop:Hello Nick! Give us a short introduction about Shangri-la-la!

There was a need for it and it«s been well received. I thought the scene should have a magazine that reflected the beauty and spirituality of the parties, the music, the people and the culture. Also being based in London I thought it as good a place as any to do the international magazine which deals with how international the psy trance thing is. English language is handy too. Why the name Shangri-la-la ?

Shangri-la is a place of legend, mystery, myth and magic brought to life by James Hilton in his novel 'Lost Horizons'. In the story the monks at Shangri-La practice a philosophy which is blended of Christianity and local Buddhist beliefs introduced to the valley by an eighteenth century priest (a character going by the same name as the French literary who wrote 'Sleeping Beauty'). Part myth, part ancient knowledge, part state of mind, it's legendary location lies in the Ladak or Nepal area, also known as 'Shambhala' by Buddhist Utopians, the 'land of joy'. Metaphysically, or mystically speaking, it could be the world between worlds. A world where spiritual travellers and shamanic explorers can find peace and fulfilment. A dream world. La-La is from la-la land. Happily off the mind, slipping about singing la-la-la....:)

Chaishop: What subjects do you offer in Shangri-la-la?

Shangri-la-la: parties,music but also alternative culture,spiritual and shamanic,ancient knowledge and future knowledge,human stuff,environmental stuff...ect.

Chaishop: Who is the Shangri-la-la crew?

Shangri-la-la: Nick Mindscapes (UK) as founder and "guardian" of the magazine,Vlado (Macedonia),dj for Phantasm Records and part of the —making it happen‚(production) team ,as well as dealing with the advertising,reviews,promotion...etc,also making sure together with Kristian (Gibraltar) that we have good choice of music reviews,interviews and info in the magazine.Kristian,dj for Transient Records and also promoter of the CHICHIME parties in London, is also part of the —making it happen‚ team .Erno (NL / SA) is our web and graphic designer, he build the web site which is getting its crew together and will be updated more often in the future.Greg (UK) just joined us and he«ll also do some of the computer work for the mag and for the web site.Next to be mentioned is Maya (Macedonia) who is doing the layout for the mag and all the other bits considering graphics and design.Sharon (NZ) is our girl who«s dealing with the proof reading and organizing the aricles for the mag. There's many other people to be mentioned who contribute for the mag.,they write,draw,send photos,promote....etc, but would be difficult to mention all their names coz we'll have to name half of the planet but we would like to thank all of them and ask them kindly to continue with their generous work they do for the magazine.

Chaishop: Your personal background?

Shangri-la-la: Well.....I«ve got a lot of that but in brief, I come into the party scene as a party goer and as a visual artist. I paint tripped out stuff and had a slide record of my work which was handy when we started doing acid house warehouse parties in '88.Since then LOADS.Doing loads of visuals (Mindscapes) and part of organizing,my own ( Mindscapes & Friends) and with other people, under loads of different names.Too many to remember,let alone mention. I also make video and write.

Chaishop: How do you distribute the magazine?

Shangri-la-la: For the distribution of the magazine we are using our personal international contacts from all over the world ,just to mention few countries Europe,USA,Brasil,South Africa,Far East,Australia,Japan,Israel,Mexico,UK...ect. During our period of existing which is over 2 years we've established good connections and we've met really good people who make sure the magazine arrives in the right hands and on the right locations.Some of it is distributed by music shops,head shops,chaishops and all the other places where it could be handy for the readers.We also make sure that the magazine lands to the most of the parties and festivals all around the world and we know there are many of them.But of course we still get emails from people who are saying that they cant find the mag. in their area, so we ask everyone who's interested in spreading the mag.please email us at

Chaishop: How does Shangri-la-la work financially?

Shangri-la-la: IT DOESN'T.We try to get enough adverts to pay the bills,sometimes it NO WAGES.We do it for the love of it and for the hell of it.

Chaishop: Are print magazines in our digital age still needed?

Shangri-la-la: Yes it does seems so.I dont think that we've evolved to fit our now or our future and something solid in the hand still works.Also its handed around and it can be read while traveling or sitting in the sun.There are still bits of the planet that haven't got internet,you know Sam,especially some of the places where our people go.

Chaishop: What differentiates Shangri-la-la from Intershroom (the international Mushroom)?

Shangri-la-la: I think maybe the articles and the attitude in general.Our attitide is directed towards the subjects,articles and information that we present in the mag and that we are all interested in.We try to involve all our experiences ,happiness ,good will and life into it and that«s what I think its missing recently around the whole scene.

Chaishop: What means Psytrance in England these days?

Shangri-la-la: First of all it means definitely the most international and multicultural scene in the world.Then it means the most craziest and unique parties you'll ever experience,who hasn't - he should.Then it means a big variety of international live acts,dj's, decorators and full on constant partying.

Chaishop: Your personal guess for the development of the trance scene?

Shangri-la-la: I think the trance scene will be around for quite a while,as long as it keeps developing and moving on.Its very international thing but its a big planet so it has a lot of room for growth.Plus the people involved are very creative so it should be able to stay interesting,which way that is,who knows but i like where it's up to.Not perfect all the time so there's room to improve.

Chaishop: And your personal guess for the development of trance medias?

Shangri-la-la: Similar to above really,it's still getting better and its on a good track.

Chaishop: Anything to add?

Shangri-la-la: Thanks to everyone for their support for the mag. and for all the good things that happen in our lives. We wish you nice,peaceful and good fun life.

Chaishop: Thanks a lot for the interview!

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