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Jul 31, 2008 - Aug 4, 2008, Putlitz

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Date: Jun 11, 2008
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Do you feel the VuuV vibrations!?! The energy is rising, vibrating, the festival is coming closer, VuuV is calling it’s people: the tribe is gathering again.

Magic happened already for us a few weeks ago, when we visited the location for the first time this year: we encountered a pair of cranes, dancing gracefully on the fields... We couldn’t have hoped for a better omen: VuuV Festival will be a highlight of this summer open air season.

Enjoy a timeout in a loving atmosphere, a special weekend to reload your happiness batteries. VuuV Festival is celebrated at the peak of summer, the time of joy, love and laughter. After an overwhelming transformation in 2007 we will guide the festival into a new dimension of music, art and dance. A tribute to your body, mind and soul.

The initiation of the festival will be held by the famous Star Sound Orchestra, the band who merged planetary sounds with tribal drums and soul touching vocals. Their show will be supported by a spectacular fire show, specially choreographed for this unique event while the breathtaking, multicoloured laser will transform the skies into a symphony of colours.

At three different stages highly motivated DJs and Live Acts will present their hottest beats.
Many live acts reserved their freshest tunes specially for this event. Be ready to hear loads of unreleased music, new approaches to electronic sound and high end productions. VuuV Festival is the platform for artists to present the essence of their work to a selected audience.
It is a unique chance for you to experience their art and to be part of the creative process, which is a vivid interaction between musician and dancer.

VuuV Festival provides a vast space for campers to set up a temporary global village, to live, dance and celebrate together in a cosy atmosphere. The nature surrounding the location is just wonderful with meadows and forests giving you a real outdoor feeling.
Nonetheless you will not miss anything: we will install all facilities needed to enjoy a comfortable time and you will not even have to do without warm showers.

At the buzzing Maharani Market delicacies from all over the world are on offer: fresh pizza baked in a wood oven, home made pasta, vegetarian sushi and crispy salads to delicious, self made ice cream, the food range caters to every taste, as long as it’s vegetarian. Treat yourself with a Café Latte, Japanese Sencha Tea or freshly squeezed organic fruit juice, or meet your friends at the cocktail bar for a Caipirinha or a decent glass of wine. Have a look at the latest fashion at designer outlets from Bali or Thailand. The creativity expressed in their outfits on sale is one of a kind and a special opportunity for you to pimp up your wardrobe with some unique pieces... Looking for genuine sandal oil from Mysore? We are sure you will find it at one of the stalls...

Or spend some time at the massage tepee and get pampered with a Thai massage, do your Surianamaskar at the yoga class or try intuitive archery at the body, mind and soul camp.

As you see, VuuV Festival 2008 has more to it than just three dance floors, over 100 international artists, astonishing visuals, amazing UV is an experience of it’s own.

Get your early bird tickets at a special price now at:

Enjoy the pictures of last years event, check out the trailers and find all info needed to prepare yourself at our newly updated website.

See you on the dance floor!
Let’s VuuV!

Open Air

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