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Another Spun Interview :-)

Author: van
Date: Oct 2, 2003
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Van. First thank you for the beautiful time you offered to people last season in Goa :-) Some words about Goa maybe, past and present time?

Shanti. Goa was great last season, it was my second time there and it seems like it just gets better every time. It's just a great group of people to party with, nice party locations and even better weather, i'm going this year again for sure.

Van. Before your first parties as DJ, how, when, where and why do you startto get interested to the Trance music?

Shanti. I first started getting into this kind of music in Ibiza early 90's, when the outdoor scene in Ibiza was in full bloom. The music was just so mutch better than what I heard in clubs, and back home in Amsterdam.
So this imediately became my music of choice.

Van. Which are your musical influences, all kind mixed up?

Shanti. Yeah when it comes to musical influences, it is kind of mixed up.

Shanti. I get insperation from all kinds of music from Reggae to Techno and everything in between.

Van. How could you, in a few words define your musical style?

Shanti. My style... I like to think its cutting edge Trance both morning and night music.

Van. Which hardware and software are you working with?

Shanti. I work with is LogicAudio on a MacG4 and a bunch of synthesizers and fx machine's

Van. On what are you mixing ?

Shanti. If u mean My studio mixer its a Yamaha 02R

Van. From where or how does your inspiration come when you are creating music?

Shanti. It Comes from Within,how i do not know, all I know is its there the urging desire to create

Van. What about your collaboration and role in Spun Records? Could you tell me more about? You released tracks on other label? Which one and why?

Shanti. Well Spun is my Mother Label because it is run by family members and my best mates.

However my first Solo album (Juvenile) is coming out on VisionQuest Japan, and, of course, I release music with other labels because i think its good for my name to be on as many labels as possible.

Van. What are your personnal projects for the future ?

My personal project is called Juvenile and I will also be starting a group with my friend Wayan Merlin called Coalition.

Van. Next gigs ?

Next gig is Japan (one of my favorites) and then Mexico

Van. Which was your best gig ? Which was the worse?

Shanti. I've had a lot of good gigs as well as shit ones but one of the best has to be the Trancendence party in Brazil, it really hit the spot.
One of the worst ones i was in the USA I'd rather not say for who it was ;-)

Van. Which are your favorite tracks, DJ's and groups of the moment?

Shanti. Who are the artists you were working with already and the ones you'd like towork with one day or the other one?

Shanti. One of my favorite tracks at the moment is a Chemical Brothers track (its really a stonker)

I don't really have a favourite artist, there is just so mutch good music out there from diferent artist it's hard to keep up with.
Artists I've work with are Gms ,1200mics , Zorba , SpaceCat , AlienProject , Dtek , Cyrus the Virus, Bushman and Earthling.
Artists I'd like to work with are Chemical Brothers, Deedrah, Dino Psaras, Infected Mushroom and Astrix.

Van. Did you play in France already?

Shanti. Actually I've never been to a party in France :-(

Van. Which are your favourite place to play in the world and why?

Japan and brazil the reason is the people in those places just know how to party.

Van. Except the music, do you have any other kind of interests in life? Which ones?

Shanti. Yes of course Lovely Women and good Food ;)

Van. One dream, something you really want to realize or something you really want to say?

Shanti. Get Psychedelic trance on MTV :-)

Van. Contacts, booking, website...
Shanti. Contact booking :

... and SPUN RECORDS website : www.,


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