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Date: Aug 26, 2003
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e.om - Extreme live

e.om members believe improvisation transmits freedom - allowing music to become a spontaneous form of communication.

e.om began as dream - to “play” live electronic music without using onboard computers or other pre-recorded methods (like discs and cdj’s for instance) - our extreme live sets are simply four musicians improvising on stacks of audio gear.

Forged through tireless practice sessions and an insatiable desire to break new technical ground, e.om’s exciting sounds are living proof for a new jazz-based improvisational style of psy-dance music. The result: emotionally powerful concerts full of spontaneous psychedelic moments caught “on the fly”. By letting our minds flow freely we create an unique real-time connection between ourselves and our audiences!

e.om are:

IDO BERGER: Sound Synthesis, Keyboards, Guitars. Graduate of Berkley School of Music - Boston, USA.

ZIV FAMILIA: Sound Synthesis, Drum machines, Sampler, Guitars. Graduate of Rimon School of Music - Israel.

EZRY KEYDAR: Sound Synthesis, Keyboards, Tabla, Vocals. - A well known musician in the Global Ethnic music scene and spent five years learning the Tabla in Varanassi, India under the world renown guru Pandit Bholanat Mishra. Additionally, Ezry frequently participates in many of Israel’s major annual music festivals.

Web site Releases: www.eom.co.il
Video and Audio - caught Live at Beresheet Festival - September 9th, 2002


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