Zoom and Shiva Moon are happening!

About bad jokes and stupid city policies

Author: Sam
Date: Jul 31, 2003
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A couple of days ago an email reached some friends of mine. Jan Engel, the organiser of Shiva-Moon Festival in Germany, cancelles his event due to problems with the officials. People who bought their tickets in Presale are supposed to call a mobile number to get part of their money back...

It took me some seconds to find out this is a bad joke and not the truth. Someone who's not that much friend with Jan obviously send this Wrong News Spam to the internet.

What do we learn from this? Never trust any news in the first place. Better check for http://www.shiva-moon.de!

A bit further south lies Switzerland and Zuerich was always the place for the famous Zoom Party after the famous street parade. Unfortunately City Officials do not see any positive use in Zoom and thus prohibit it to happen in Zueri this time. Stupid. Berlin also didn't see any positive effect in Love Parade for the first five Years. Now they don't want to let it go anymore...

Anyhow... The organiser of Zoom - Happy People Prod. - didn't sleep and moved to central Switzerland. The Zoom will happen on a mountain only reachable by cable car! Get ready for a spectacular happening!!! http://www.zoom-party.ch

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