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Disappointment Hits the Big City

Author: Akasha
Date: Jun 11, 2003
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Disappointment Hits the Big City.
by Akasha

Last friday, Sesto Sento, Visual Paradox, and Sirius Issnes were playing in Mexico City. The producer was MAIA, so an amazing event was expected. Besides, it was going to take place in an open space, Embarcadero de Cuemanco...
When I went to MAIA to get tickets, everyone was really excited about this rave, since it was supposed to be one of the best… It’s been a while since there had been an outdoors rave, so everyone was getting ready to party!!!
Night caught up with us, and we all headed for Cuemanco. There was a lot of talk about them not having permits for the rave, and many naive souls believed that there’d be no problem. One thing was for sure, we never forgot that outdoor raves had been forbidden due to the trouble they had caused because of Mental Odyssey. Still, we didn’t lose faith.
When we got to Cuemanco, surprise surprise!, there was no rave, because hours before the cops beat them to the punch and they didn’t let the party take place there, so we were sent to Rockotitlan, south of the city… Once there, we saw the unthinkable. Not only was it crowded with white trash, but inside a rock band was playing. They stopped playing and everyone was kicked out to let psycho followers in. You can imagine the confrontation...
They started getting impatient from not being let in... They were being held up as is it were a club, yelling “2 of us here, let us in”, something that had never been seen at a rave. Everyone was fed up with waiting. They started getting organized to barge in. Beer bottles were thrown against the door, and security used tear gas to hold them back. Everybody spread out, and I could not take it anymore... I had to leave, heartbroken and sad, because now the trash, and the trustworthy production houses which held our last hopes and we thought would never let us down, are putting an end to the movement. We don’t know if what happened was a scheme, and they knew from the start that the rave would not take place, but said it would as a strategic move. However, since early on, rumors began to spread over the city about them knowing all along and going along with the farse… Or perhaps it was true that they didn’t get the permit. Everything is possible. We’re at a moment where everything is believable... What’s going on??? Is the Psychedelic trance movement in Mexico City coming to its end??? What this city needs is a 360 degree turn by which the movement will make a comeback and return to its origins. And if followers still go to mediocre parties, we will never get what we deserve.

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